top ten instagram earning tricks?

top ten instagram earning tricks?

top ten instagram earning tricks?

top ten instagram earning tricks?post?welcome back to this tutorial top ten instagram earning tricks?,instagram is social media platform where people around the world shares their photos.

In todays world instgram is most popular social media platform where 50 crores people spent their time on this platform and read some story and shares photos from this you think how popular is this platform.

If you are using this platform

only for like share and comments but if your not earning then its big mistake you are making.There are many who are using instagarm and making enough money for their expenses.

And instagram is great potential to earn money and now you will be wondering how to earn money from instagram but there is no direct method to earn money like other social media like youtube and website.

So lets get started now top ten instagram earning tricks?

Step1:First you need to create instagram account.

step2: you need to create a profile page on some topic in which your are intrested in like sport,health,game etc.And you will be able to write articles on it and publish it.

Step3:Create affiliate marketing account,if don’t have then click here and make one.You can join any affiliate network.

step4: you need to collect audience related to your niche.That means you need to focus on the audiences who shows interest on or according to your topics.You can target to those audience those who are intersted and you need to provide them products related to their interest.

Step5: you need to publish post on the niche like articles,photo and videos etc.continuesly and slowly start increasing traffic slowly and they will start engaging with you regularly and you can provide best contents weather it might be related to their interest like shoping products and products link will be easily available on the affiliate account and earn commission and if you interested in fashion business then click here or click here here you can create own shop with unlimited products and you can set your own price.

Step6: Here you need to post two types of contents one is normal according to your topic or niche.And second is something unique and different form the topics so that audience should feel something and show more interest on your products and buy it and you get the commission and you don\’t have to post this one everyday you can post once in a week or occasionally.

step7: login to your account.

step8: click on plus(+) to upload images and click on next one new page will open.

step9: write something about your products or topic on caption and paste your products or website link.when someone like and clicks on the link it will be directed to your main products page.

That’s all guys hope this article would have helped top ten instagram earning tricks?.

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