top ten best tutorials2021 how to run facebook ads?

top ten best tutorials2021 how to run facebook ads?

top ten best tutorials2021 how to run facebook ads?

How to run facebook ads?,hello and welcome back to this tutorial top ten best tutorials2021 how to run facebook ads?some people find it is difficult to create facebook ads when they have some products to advertise it.

Facebook ads campaign is used to promote their business,so in this article we will learn how to create facebook ads campaign,how to select bidding,how to select budget and ow to select targeted audience.

Facebook is platform where there are billion of customers spending their lots of time and share their views and experiences and its become very easy for business man and company to make them as targeted customers

and provide them what they looking for and according to their experiences,this ideas came to existence after lots of research has been done.

Because business man has to do lots of hardwork to advertise their products through,news paper,magazine,adertisement board etc,and they had to spend lots of money to the adevertisers.

But todays it become very easy to reach billons of customers just in one day with help of social media marketing and facebook is one of them.

So lets get started now top ten best tutorials2021 how to run facebook ads?

step1: login to your facebook account using username and password.

step2: once your login to your facebook account you can see on your home page create button on top next to home click on it and then click on ads second option under new page will open that is ads manager page.

Step3: Click on traffic and one new page will open. Scroll down and click on continue.

step4: enter name on ad set name

step4: select any one where you want traffic or visitors like website,app,mobile application or massenger select anything you want.

step5: Click on dynamic creatives button and make it on.

step6: scroll down and select audience,if you don\’t have audience then select create new audience or if you have audience then click on use save audience.And if you want to create new audience then first you need to select country location.

steps7: select age means what types of age audience you want to show your ads like 18 years older or younger.

step8: select gender means whom you want to show your ads weather man or women.

step9: details targeting you need to select what types of audience you want for example if you to advertise products or running e-commerce website then enter online shopping and all online shoping audience will be targeted.

step10: scroll down and click on save audience.

step11: after saving scroll down on same page click on edit placement.Here you can select places where you want to run your ads select what ever you wantand samething for feed also.

step12: budget and shedule here you need to select link click and set your budget in bidding means for each click how much you want to pay when someone click on your ads.

step :13 select your daily budget and click on continue.

step14: enter same name on ad set name.

step15: Identity here you need to enter business or products page you have created to promote your products,if you have not created then create one and use same page, if don\’t know to create then click here.

step16: scroll down and select media,can select image,slide show or videos,what type ads you want to show image ads,slideshow ads or videos ads select which ever you want.Enter your products website url.

Step17: select call to action button like buy now,shop now etc.

step18: Enter primary text write about your products details and enter headlines of your products in headline box.

step19: enter some descriptions of your products it is optional leave it if you don\’t want.

step20: final step now your ad is ready to show scroll down select payment option and click on confirm,once you click on confirm your ad will start running live on facebook.

That’s all friends hope this article would have helped top ten best tutorials2021 how to run facebook ads?don\’t forget to share with others.

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