seo best practices to grow organic traffic2021?

seo best practices to grow organic traffic2021?

hello guys today we will be talking about seo best practices to grow organic traffic2021? and there are two type of seo

1.on page seo technique page seo technique

one page seo is basically we have to keep in mind that there are six parameter.

1.keywords:the keywords which you are using should be arranged properly in heading,subheading and in the article paragraph in natural way.

2.Paragraph:how many number of words are there in the paragraphs and how many broken links are there should be checked.

3.images: your images should be quailty images,it should be neat and clean and compressed.

4.heading:your heading should contains your keywords.

5.Links: there are two types of links inbond link and out bond link,inbond link readers or visitors should stay in your pages only and outbond link visitors will go to other site from your site.

Bullets:it is basically used to increases the readability so that search engine can read the contents easily and increases the visibility in google search engine.

Off page seo

Today we will be talking about off page seo to do off page seo it is very vast and has many ways to do off page can not be done at once it take some time to do it.there are lots of technique available to do it but here we will discuss few and most important one. media engagement. media bookmarking

3.guest post submission

4.image submission

5.document sharing

6.article submission

7.questions and answers discussion

social media engagement: social media engagement is that whenever you write any article or contents and shares with social media through social media sharing button or sharing manually just copying the url and pasting on social media pages where you are going to get direct traffic to your pages or site.

guest post submission:gest post submission is off page seo technique and it is nothing but submitting any article or post to other website, suppose if you have article or contents and want to post to other website those having high quality traffic and da,pa is high and getting lots of traffic you can post your article there so that other visitors can read and come to your site and your are getting traffic to your site through other site where you have posted your articles and this is the one of the best technique to get traffic and you get backlinks from it.

image submission: image submission is nothing but submitting images your to other website,suppose if have image with your article which you have already published to your site same images can be used to submit to other site so that you can receive traffic to your website[off page seo] from where you have submitted.there are lots site where you can submit your images like pinterest her you can submit your images,this was the off page seo technique comes under off page seo.

document sharing: document sharing is technique to share your any article or documents or pdf or video you can submit any thing there are lots of site where you can submits all of your document this is the other method of getting traffic and backlink to your site.

article submission: article submission is also one off page seo technique to submit your article to forum site and there are lots of forum site where you can submit your articles here many peoples are asking questions so you can answer the question and submit your article which create backlink and you will get lots of traffic from them and also backlinks and your article will slowly start ranking in the any search article submission is also of the best method to create do this go to google and search for article submission active forum and submit your article.

Question and answers:questions and answer is the another off page seo technique to get traffic to your site,here you have to create your account using your email id and there are lots and lots of question available there you need to answer them and provide your[off page seo] website link there so that peoples those who are reading your answers will also visit your site if you provide useful informations to them.this is the easy way of getting traffic and making backlinks to your site.

forum discussion: forum discussion is another off page seo technique to create backlinks and get traffic,here if have knowledge about any topics or articles you can come here answers the questions provide discuss about them and provide link of your website[off page seo] so that you will get traffic to your site.don\’t just provide your site url answer only few word and write to read more click here.and link your site just i have shown just click on it and see it will take it to you other page.

So ok guys these are the main and important topics off page seo technique or even you can say backlinks. to get new articles update please keep visiting this site that’s all friends hope this article would have helped seo best practices to grow organic traffic2021? don’t forget to share. 

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