make money online by video editing

make money online by video editing

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today i will be sharing amazing ideas to make money online by video editing and there are many people in this world who make or shoot their videos and and look for video editor on the market or online to make their videos amazing,beautiful and attractive.

Joining is free of cost and without investment don’t pay anything or anywhere just follow the instructions below.and which is good ways to make money.make money online by video editing.

And you might be one of them to make money online by video editing who may have great knowledge in video editing but that the person may not be knowing where and how to make utilise of their skills and knowledge but there is one plateform where one can show their talents and skills and make some handful commission according to their own and it is good ways to make money.

In this platform videos will be provided by the clients and once you are appointed by the clients they will pay some charges for their work and if they like work so much may pay you more then that its depends on your work performance. the name of this platform is fiverr ,it is an international freelancing site where people around the world come here put their work and look for videos editor

And select best editor and apoint the work to them and once the work done they will pay some charges to them or some time they pay in advance.and it fast ways to make money online.

make money online by video editing just collect the interesting part,edit,make it short according to requirement and add music where ever is required and make interesting and attractive so that client may like it more and it is fast ways to make money online.

so lets get started now

  • open your google chrome browser and type fiverr on google or just Click Here directly
  • As you can see the home page image of fiver above.
  • if you have already fiverr account just click on sign in button
  • And if you don’t have fiverr account then click on the join icon
  • one new page will open here you have three option to join just click on then and they might ask you some permission just allow them or just enter your email and click on continue
  • one new page will open enter your new user name and password
  • click on join
  • one new page will open and as you can see one message on the top header that you need to activate or verify account both are same.
  • To activate or verify account just go to your gmail or email account open it and check the email received from fiverr. good ways to make money
  • click to open and click on activate or verify account,once you clicked on to it your account will be activated.

  1. Click on become a seller
  2. new page will open again click on become a seller
  3. click on continue
  4. click on continue
  5. click on continue
  6. enter your personal information(name and profile picture)
  7. add little bit of your discriptions
  8. select languages as many as you want
  9. click on continue
  10. one new page will open enter your professional info
  11. enter your occupation
  12. set your 2-5 skills
  13. select education type(your choice)
  14. certification( not compulsory)
  15. enter your website url( if you have)
  16. click on continue
  17. link your social media account if you have so that client may know you more about you or leave it.
  18. click on continue
  19. one new page will open
  20. enter your mobile number and verify it
  21. enter your verification code sent to your mobile number and verify it.
  22. click on continue and create your first gig
  23. click on ok
  24. Add security questions(this is used when incase you forget password it will be asked)
  25. click on finish and ok
  26. click on finish and then finish
  27. now one new page will open here you can create one Gig(your advertisement)
  28. Enter Gig title
  29. Select your Category
  30. Enter search tags(client used these tags to find you)
  31. Click on save and continue
  32. now set your scope and pricing(which you want to charge from the client)
  33. click on save and continue
  34. briely describe your Gig
  35. Click on save and continue
  36. tell your buyer what you need to get started
  37. click on save and continue
  38. upload or provide your sample of work and submit
how to get payment to your bank account
click on profile icon on top right side

scroll down and click on payment setting

click on balance on left side

once you start receiving your credits or money to your fiverr account

you will get many option to select type of bank

the best option is paypal and select it if you already have

if you don’t have Click Here to know how to make paypal account step by step.

happy video editing

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