how to transfer wordpress site to new host?

Hello friends welcome back to this tutorials today i will be talking about how to transfer wordpress site to new host?if you do not happy with current hosting provider then it is possible to change your hosting provider to new hosting without loosing any data of your website by going through this article.

So lets get started how to transfer wordpress site to new host?.

We will learn how to transfer wordpress site to new host? with site ground hosting provider,so follow the steps.

1.go to site ground

2.choose hosting plan and click get plan domain and enter domain name on proceed

5.Fill up the details and payment details on pay now and your account will be created.

  1. click on proceed to customer area. on set up site.

  1. click on select to install wordpress. on select wordpress and enter username and password.

  1. click on continue and then click on finish.

So you have installed wordpress to your new hosting and now you need to copy your site to new host.

  1. login to youe wordpress dashboard by entering domain hit enter.

enter your username and password and click on login button once you are in wrdpress dashboard. on plugins and add new. for plugins called migrate guru,install and activate it.

15.Once it is activated enter your email and click on migrate site on plugins.

16 select your new hosting provider which you have bought or select cpanel username and password or choose FTP.

Enter website url

Enter ip address(go to site ground account click on website,click site tools you can see ip address below copy that ip address and paste it there.

Enter FTP details(to get FTP details go to site ground click on site and then click on FTP account enter name and password and click on create your account is created click on three dots below and click on credentials.copy the details of port,FTP username and password which has created.

Directory path it is the location of wordpress which stored in the new host,go to site ground and click on file manager click on folder and then public html folder,now go back to directory pathenter like this[/foldername/public html]now you have connected wordpress to your new hosting provider,if you have ssl then enter your site url like this and if don’t have and want a free ssl then click here.

Click on migrate your website data will be copied to your new host now add new host ip address to your domain provider ,so login to domain provider account and click on domain name then DNS and then ‘A‘ record you can see your old ip address click on edit and enter new host ip address and click save(keep old ip address saved in case if you want to go back to old host).

Now your wordpress website is transfered to the new host,so you know how to transfer wordpress site to new host?.and same method can used to any hosting provider that\’s all friends hope this article would helped how to transfer wordpress site to new host? don\’t forget to subscribe and share,support us by visit again for new tips.

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