how to sell videos clips online2021?

sell videos clips online

how to sell videos clips online2021?

 How to sell videos clips online2021?.the name of the international site is in USA. 100% genuine. Secure access to your savings bank account, then quickly tell how to earn on top of The first way is to have 5 seconds of video clips in your mobile phone, whether new or old.

Whether it is 2 seconds or 5 minutes to upload on, you will get paid in usd $, you will be coming in people’s mind,that sell videos clips online2021 from the old worn-out slit lying videos in your phone will be trusted and it will give its money all over the world. Marketing agency and company make promotional videos targeting India and these promotional videos run on social media and media means video clips are required to create YouTube etc

The world population is more than 130 billions crores. Companies from all over the world join 130 crow To capture d, it is the price of new old clichéd video clips lying in your mobile which small and big marketing agencies want, and by visiting sites like, hundreds of thousands of peoples like you upload videos read in mobile phones completely.

The marketing agency of the world buys these video clips and runs them on social media. You need such a video clip in your mind. A video clip has been made in the village and city as soon as your family gets out of your house. There is a video clip of the road in the market, that there is a movement in the market in the market, it is a video clip of a place of worship, there is a video clip of the jungles of the foot of the rivers of the mountains, there is no worry in your mobile.

Whenever you get out of your house, keep recording small video clips of 5 seconds 10 seconds 123 minutes from your mobile phone and uploading on top of it, tell me for your information one video clip above. 15 so is sold for money. Yes, if you have one more thing in your mobile phone There is some amazing video like people scrambling on the road, people are caught in traffic.

this is a joking incident which was captured on your camera, if there is such a video in your mobile then your lottery can be done like this Let’s see the videos and at the highest price, you buy a video clip once by someone, then you get at least $ 20. If bought by people is so good, then you would think that $ 2000 means so far.

It has not happened, keep your eyes open in front of the world. Strange incidents happen in the world, it keeps happening every day in every village town in the city. Whenever such an incident happens, take a mobile phone out of your pocket and capture it in the camera of your mobile phone.

So lets get started now how to sell videos clips online2021?

Step1. Open your browser on laptop or mobile phone and enter,one tab will open.

Step2. Click on signup or register using gmail id and password and click on submit.

Step3. Once your account is created one new tab will open that will be your account dashboard where you will be uploading your videos.

Step4. Complete your profile first by clicking on profile icon and the edit so that it will be visible to more customers around the world.

Step5. Click on save and switch on the button i want to upload and sale videos and Fill all the required details then save.

Step6. Click on upload videos on top header and upload it from your laptop or mobile.

Step7. Once it is uploaded click on edit one new tab will open and click over videos,here you need to trim or cut your videos and make it to about 20 seconds.

Step8. Click on Cover frame to select thumbnail or photo you want to put on top of your videos to look more attractive.

Step9. If you want to remove sound from your videos then click on remove.

Step10. Give best and catchy title to your videos.

Step11. Select your categories.

Step12. Enter your locations of you videos taken or made.

Step13. Click on publish now your videos are published.

Step14. It will take some time to approve and after approval it ready to sell on market.

Step15. Referal Link: is other method to earn extra money ,go to profile and click on invite friends copy the code and share it friends or in social media platforms.

Now how to receive your earning?

Go to home page of your dashboard scroll down on footer you can see that payment terms click here scroll down here you can see method of payment.

Go back to home page and click on categories bar(3 line bar)on top right next to your profile icon click there go to profile then my account then withdraw.

Enter your paypal email id and you can transfer your earning to paypal if you don’t have paypal account then click here.

That’s all friend hope this article would have helped how to sell videos clips online2021? don’t forget to share.

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