how to sell photos and pond5 stock footage?


how to sell photos and pond5 stock footage?

how to sell photos and pond5 stock footage?,this is an international website and this website is the best in USA ie Hundred percent is reliable. You can count on it, I have earned allredy on this husband color site, you can run this site from your laptop and You can also run on the old mobile phone, you can run it on the new phone and all the money is saved safely in your savings bank account. You have to take as many photographs as possible from the back camera of your mobile phone.

Photographs can be your own. Since late you have taken your own very good selfie in the last 1 year or you have to send 10 20 50 100 such selfies from it and it is your own and you like it very much, those photographs or building photographs or scenery photographs of the release of the mountains. You can drag any kind of mosques of temples and put free of cost on the best international site, that is, it does not cost registration, you have to put those photographs, this site friend sells your photographs to whom it sells.

Is the newspaper set by admin or some way A film advertising companies want people from all over the world to take their own pictures and put them on this site and earn hundreds of thousands in your mind that if you are not a professional photographer then how will you do it? I will also tell you and do not even have a photographer on your mobile and laptop.

It is for the common people, even if you are a photographer, you can earn on it but even if you are not a photographer, you can earn on this site. And the biggest thing is that the photographs that you have to insert will work even if the photographs are at most 2 megapixels, that is, you do not want a very expensive expensive high megapixel camera, apart from this you can make many small video clips.

As good as you can make a lot of interesting videos, you can have your own expressions, you can have facial expressions anywhere, there can be a marketplace, India is a place where people from all over the world come to take good photos or to make photographs. Too many subjects available You will go to your marketplace, you will go anywhere, the crowd will be seen, it is a very interesting story in itself, a photograph or a small video of it can be liked in the whole world and you get the money, you dispose of your photo.

Send is your video, you have to sell it for $ 2 or you will disguise it for $ 200 or $ 1000, maybe you clicked a photo that you think may go viral, you can send $ 1000, you can earn thousands of dollars pond5. com is running from many places in the USA, it means Hundred is Persistent, it can be trusted that it is also quite good and as well as it runs on laptop, as well as on your new or old mobile phone.

That is, you can earn, whether you are a toddler, whether you are a housewife, whether you do a job, you want to earn part time income and you do a small business and you also need a part time income, you can earn by sending your photos.

So lets get started now how to sell photos and pond5 stock footage?

Step1. Click here to go to new page will open.

Step2. Click on sell your media one new tab will on start selling.

Step3. Enter email,username,password and click on next.

Step4. Enter your basic informations and click on next.

Step5. enter information about your work and click on next.

Step6. Upload your id proof and accept the terms and condition and click on submit.

Step7. One verification email will be sent to your gmail id,go to your gmail account and click on verify and then get started.

Step8. Your account dashboard of will open.

Step9. Click on upload files and select your photo from your computer or mobile and upload it.

Step10. If you want to increase the price of your photos the click on price and enter your own price.

Step11. if want to delete your photo then click on edit here you can see the details of your photo and make changes if you want.

How to transfer your earning

Go to your account dashboard and click on account on top below header and scroll down and you can payout Preferences you have many payment option or select paypal,if don’t have click here to make one.

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