how to reset my wordpress site and fix error?

how to reset my wordpress site

how to reset my wordpress site and fix error?

Welcome back to my website,today we will be talking about how to reset my wordpress site and fix error?,suppose if have already made a wordpress website and due to some reason want to go to default of website or reset wordpress website.

It is possible to reset your wordpress website easly as how it was looking before and you will be able to start it from the beginning of your site,so lets start now how to reset my wordpress site and fix error? of your website .

how to reset my wordpress site and fix error?

To reset we need to follow two steps.

1.install the reset plugins called wp reset

To install the plugins we need to back to wordpress dashboard of your website scroll down and click on plugins and add new.

Search for wp reset plugins as you can see in the image of plugins below

Click on install now and activate it.This plugins helps to reset wordpress site.

Now to check go to dashboard scroll down click on tools and you can see wp reset.

2. To reset site using plugins.

Once you reset your site you are going to loose every thing in your site and if you want to keep all the data saved you need to have backup of your site and restore every thing to your site click here.

Now to reset website go to dashboard and scroll down and click on tools and under to click on wp reset,one new tab will open,before reset if you want a quick sanpshot of your website then click on snapshot tab on top and click on create snapshot.

Enter name of your snapshot and then click on create snapshot,now you snapshot of your website is created.

Note:- Remember that snapshot is not your backup,backup and sanpshot is different you can not restore all your data from snapshot,so to restore all your data you need to have separate backup.

To reset your site click on reset tab on top and then scroll down and type reset and then click on reset site next to that tab.

You will be asked to confirm message that are you sure to reset site click on reset wordpress,it will take few minutes to reset and its done and you will be directed to dashboard automatically.

You can check it by refreshing your site and now you can see that you site is in default state as it was in the beginning.This is how you can reset your wordpress website and start building or developing your site from beginning or if you have backup all you data then restore it from where you have backedup.To know how to backup and restore click here.

Now to restore snapshot which you have already taken at beginning of reset,go to dashboard of wordpress scroll down go to tools and then click on wp reset under tools once it is open click on snapshot and scroll down you can see your snapshot has been created.

click on as sense as you can see image below

Then click on restore snapshot and again click on restore snapshot now your snapshot has been created. That’s all friend i hope this article would helped you out how to reset my wordpress site and fix error?.don’t forget to share this article.

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