how to re-approve adsense disabled account?

welcome back to this tutorials how to re-approve adsense disabled account?.We know getting google adsense account is not so easy part for those who are new to this field or even sometime with experience.

If any person working hard and getting google adsense approval and after few months or years it get disabled due to some invalid click or reason might be any thing which might have gone against google adsense policy.

Loosing your adsense account after so much struggling is like climbing up and falling suddenly to the ground and loose everything is just like that.

But we know there we have some solution to this problems and those who have disabled their account due to some reason has a good news for them.

so lets get started now.

Steps1:First you need to check is there any copy writed contents on it if you find any copy writed contents then delete it or you can just go to edit and replace that article with new one and that should be writen with your own not from other and check title heading,descriptions are perfect.

because copy wrtting violates and against google adsense policy.

step2:Don\’t apply immediately wait for two weeks(10-15 days).

steps3: start posting atleast one article everyday till 10-15 days.

Step4:Don’t use google images if your using then do some changes and make it unique.or you can get free copywritted images from or

Step5:Don’t violate adsense program policy go through it and write your articles according to it.

Step6:Change the theme to astra which is free and look great responsive.

Step7:Now after a 10-15 days apply for google adsense with new gmail account not old one.

step8: After applying adsense keeps on posting new and unique articles till you get approval but don\’t give up it will take some to approve,if you don\’t get approval check your website is there anything against the guideline of google policy.

That’s all friends hope this article would helped how to re-approve adsense disabled account?.don’t forget to share.

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