how to make youtube channel popular?

how to make youtube channel popular?
How to make youtube channel popular?, Want to be as soon as you think of becoming on YouTuber but one thing comes to your mind that or how we will create great videos and put them on youtube which thousands of millions of people.

There is a lot of competition on YouTube. Let me show you in today’s article that I will not have to make a video by finding a topic on my own. You will easily become a very good video and post it on YouTube, the name of the website is pexels and another is pixabay and the name of the other is but you get copyright free images and videos and that too in the thousands of images and videos you will get.

And to put music on your videos there is a great audio called YouTube audio from YouTube audio library.If You want can download as many music as you want. Apart from this, there is a very easy and good video editing software that runs on your new or old mobile phone or smartphone called My Movie where you can add videos music, to download YouTube audio music download.

My movie The video editing app has to be added to each other and you have to put it on the channel on YouTube, YouTube is the channel, how it is made, I will come and show you how to do all this work, you will be able to do it and earn money, so now I will I will take you both on my mobile and on my computer and then I will make it on my mobile phone too. so lets get started now.

Step1. AS you can see sign in option click on that one new tab will open enter your email and click on next enter your password and click on next.

Step2. Now as you can see on top right corner your profile icon click on that you will see like this.
Click on that one new tab will appears where it is written that your creator journey begins click on get started.
One new page will appears choose how to create your channel here you will get two options either you can select use your name or select use your custom name.
If your selecting use custom name give best and suitable name of your channel and add channel name tick the small box icon and click on create.

Step3. Now your channel Has Been Created Ok, here we can put some profile photo or it will be good ok friends, do put your photo ok because if your channel has become more famous.
So it would be good to have your photo or if you share the URL of this channel with someone and share them or link with your friends, and request them brother, look at it, if you get a photo then your friend, I will definitely open my friend\’s picture, let\’s see what new work has been started in this. Ok, so it would be nice to have a photo profile picture of your own here.

Step4. Here you will put any small descriptions related to your channel,
I will also write here,you can put anything in the descriptions,
friends these are not so very important. Ok there is something written here and links to this website.
It is not necessary friends.Leave it all right, click directly at save and continue.
Ok, I have shown you how to make a YouTube channel. I know you do not want to put your own videos nor you know how to make video. I will show you in this video right now that there are two sites where you will get copyright free video clips which will be very good.

Step5. I will show and teach what I have removed and then I will also show copyright free music by putting in it and will show you in another editing app and will show you how you can make a video by playing on your mobile phone.
Within three minutes, you do not have to speak anything in it yourself, you do not have to show or show anything in it yourself. Initially, you start your channel by just putting copyright free videos and music, then you will start speaking later. When you will get confidence, right now, then you create your channel,which I have already seen.

Step6.Then I will bring you to the point of main issue and that is where you will get copyright free videos, first of all I will show you which are the two free of cost sites from where you can download copyright free videos As much as you can, I will show you which YouTube site it is from where you can download copyright free music as much as you want and attach it to your videos.

There is an app which is a hundred percent of free of cost in which you will attach these videos and music and you will be able to make a great video, okay, I will show you everything in this article. Show side by side from where we can download free of cost very good world class video clips. Ok first opens on your mobile phone, friends, all the things I am showing you, it opens on your mobile phone too. know free of cost videos website click here.
Step8. other free of cost videos website click here.
Step9. In these two website you will get free copyrighted videos just enter your keywords which you want or types of videos want to make there are thousands of videos are available here.

Step10. To download music click here.
Step11. To download video editor app click here.
Step12. You can select the same type of music from here on YouTube, by typing here, now you can click here where it is made of a magnifying glass which is now related to your video below.

Step13. See how many sound tracks come from the track, above all you see the written, you can select this, which is signed or will be downloaded, it has been downloaded, friends, any videos combine all of these have been downloaded and downloaded a copyright free music and now you can download it and music By try to make a beautiful video.

Step14. You can check it by watching it comfortably, it is taking your time, you can make in your mobile phone, in this you do not need to speak or think on your own or to make a topic. you can create hundreds of such videos and put them on YouTube channel and you will make a video on YouTube channel.

Step15. Once your video is ready click on.
Step16. To upload video click on the create or upload video icon on top right corner,once your video is might be thinking how to earn money from youtube video click on youtube studio on top you can see there is one left side one side bar is opened.

Step17. On left side bar you see the monetisation option click on it as you can on above image,to get YouTube partner program you are channel need atleast 4000 public watch hours in last 12 months and 1000 subscribers and your channel will also get reviewed to make sure it follows YouTube monetization policies.

Step18. When your channel not only has at least 4000 hours of watch time, 4000 hours have been watched by the total public, whether it has been watched by 10,000 people, whether it has been watched by 1,000 people, it has been subscribed by one lakh people and 1000 subscribers and 1000 friends have subscribed to your channel.
Step19. Once you have done that, then you become eligible for monetization, that is, you start advertising advertisements on the videos that you put on your channel, okay it brings YouTube only. You need not have to worry about advertising.

As soon as the monetization is done, the ad starts automatically appearing on YouTube and the revenue that you earn from the ad is given to You by a part of it. you can complete it in 1 month. Friends, there is no time for more than 12 months. It may not take more than 12 months.That\’s all friends hope this article would have helped how to make youtube channel popular?

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