top 10guide how to make money writing articles online?

top 10guide how to make money writing articles online?

top 10guide how to make money writing articles online?Even if you are not very educated, you can earn a lot by doing content writing and that too in US dollars, if you have written enough, then obviously it will be much easier for you than others.

So you can earn very good on blogs that make money or article writing, what is the meaning of content writing sitting in your home, but content means writing an article written on any subject means writing it, that is, for any subject The process of writing above is called content writing and get paid to write articles.

The need for content is written all over the place. Friends such as website whether the website is small or big, from first to last, there is only material or content best blogging site to earn money or friends There are photos, now you think millions of websites are created every day or articles are needed on a daily basis, apart from this, there is a lot of need on social media, Facebook Instagram, in addition, the newspaper film industry does not work at all, friends in today’s date.

This is to be done in this way. First of all, take the work of the world’s largest excised content writing or best blogging site to earn money. In this article get paid to write articles, you will show by doing practical work of writing and article writing on blogs that make money. Labels are friends in which you get from $ 100 to $ 1000 for each work, that is, with thousands to ₹ 70000 each.

I will show you right above this site by writing articles and best blogging site to earn money before your eyes. I have found work or we have not been able to find it by going on Google search and how to copy it, I will also show you by doing practical in this article. We can tell you for your information that we have a copyright, we have found a magic website that has a magic that can rewrite an article written by someone else in just 10 minutes and Automatically and get paid to write articles.

There is a software inside it that allows head to article content written by someone else and can be rewritten in 10 minutes and get paid to write articles but it is written differently but that article or soul remains the same, the meaning and effect of that article remains the same as the old one but that article becomes copyright free.

Edits in such a way that it comes from and gets copyright free and best blogging site to earn money. Just give it within 10-15 minutes and after that you can sell it to anyone and don’t take it. How is this all too? In this article, I will show you in front of your eyes practically and will teach you, also you have got a unit article which is fine, you have copied someone and changed it through the tool that the copyright has become free

But still Actually copyright is free and if you have copied it from somewhere else, then there is also a website on which you or anyone can check it by putting the same article of yours. Is it really your article copyright free tomorrow? Not that any other person will claim that even this is ours, it is your client to tell you tomorrow that brother, you have done this from somewhere else. Copied it won’t happen and get paid to write articles. This is the world’s largest site right now guys, okay let me give you a little detail about this site. Big companies from all over the world come and put their work on this site, including Microsoft, MetLife is also Intel. There is also a going be. There cannot be big companies from them.

It is General Electric. It is very big companies, friends are blue chip companies. People all over the world yearn that they will be able to work for these companies sometime in life but on These big companies come and put their freelancing work, millions of people all over the world sit and work for these companies in their homes and earn in US Dollars, for your information, tell me friends today.

Over 40 million , it will be surprising that more than 4 crore people work in their homes all over the world and earn only such a huge work has been done above and only on and a lot of sites mean This is an option for sitting at home.

So lets get started now top 10guide how to make money writing articles online?

Step1.  Click here to register to,one new tab home page will open.

Step2. Click on register or signup for free.

Step3. verify your email and once it is verified login to your freelacer account dashboard.

Step4. Click on browse on top of header and then click on project.

Step5. Make sure that in your skills you have selected content writing or article writing.

Step6. Search for content writing or article writing on search for project box as you can see on below header.

Step7. You will get list of work available there click on which you want work on and read their details and the requirements and make sure that customer details are verified then only apply otherwise leave it and check for next.

Step8. Once your have selected your work you need to apply and to apply scroll down you need to place a bid on the project,like charges you want from customers,number of days you will take to complete the work and describe your proposal that means why they should select you for that work what unique thing you can do for them.

Step9. Scroll down and click on place bid (don’t buy any optional upgrade services)Like this you can apply 8 free work bid and they will ask you to upgrade or buy,if you want apply for more free work bids then make one more account with new gmail id and apply.

Step10. Now when you get the work from the clients then from where you will get the articles?.

top 10guide how to make money writing articles online?

Step1. Go to google search and enter the topics or keywords on which you want to write article.

Step2. Open the site or blogs from which you want article and copy the articles.

Step3. Click here to re write your article which you have copied from other site,one new site will open.

Step4. Click on Re-write article and paste the article which you have copied from other site or blogs and click on Rewrite,it take some time and write unique articles for you with the same meaning but words and sentences will be different from other which is great.

Now how to check weather this article is copyright free?

There is one more tools where you can check your article is free from copyright to go to the tool page click here one new page will open click on plagiarism check and paste your Rewrite article and click on plagiarism check.

It will take some time to check and show your results as you can see image below.

how to make money writing articles online

As you can see red circle 20% copy write and green circle shows 80% unique but if you want make 20% also unique and try to get 100% unique if find difficult to get then use the same thing because if your articles are unique Above 70% then it is considered as unique articles and you can use it or write for someone.

That’s all friends hope this article would have helped top 10guide how to make money writing articles online? don’t forget to share.

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