How to make money on sunfrog online tshirt shop?

How to make money on sunfrog online tshirt shop?

How to make money on sunfrog online tshirt shop?,There is very reputed website based in the USA where anyone can open online shop by sitting at home and start selling from any part of the world and all these things will be possible from their mobile phone only you don’t even required pc or laptops and people staying in foreign countries whose income is ₹ 400000 a month, while in other part of the world like developing countries peoples.

The average income of a person is ₹ 13000.It is 40 times more than a person staying in America, a person staying in other parts of the world.An American person has 40 percent more money in his pocket and is allowed to study.

What is the condition or the strength of the purchase would be 40 times greater than that of any Indian individual
Or do you want to open one of your online shops in the US by sitting at your home and that also without investing any single penny from your pocket

And also make enough money from your online shop and make shop online so that people from any parts of the world shoppers can come to your online shop for their daily need and buy and you will be getting 25% of their profits for each products sold from your online shop and rest goes to the sunfrog site .

Anyone can do this work weather they are not much educated or student or housewife or servant or doing work or some business anyone can open your own online shop by making money by sitting in your home.So lets get started now How to make money on sunfrog online tshirt shop?

Step1. Click here to visit this sites.

Step2. Scroll down at the footer and click on start an account under artist and seller and then click on start selling.

Step3. Register yourself by entering email id,shop name,password and country name where you live and click on signup.

Step4. Now verify your email id sent site.

Step5. Now sign in by using email and password.

Step6. Once you loged in to your account just click on your sellers and click on view profile and complete your profile.

Step7. Enter your profile pics,title,profile banners and bio about yourself.

Step8. Click here to download logo or arts designing app.

Once designing app is downloaded start designing and save it to your phone.

Step9. To start uploading your designs which you have created on the designing app by just click on the t-shirt icon design and create then online designer.

Step10. Click on upload art and select design art and click on next.

Step11. Click on plus[+] sign to add colours on your t-shirts and click on Next.

Step12. Add title,descriptions,categories,tags or keyword and collections select terms and conditions and click on finish.

Step13. Click on add new variations to add same design on different products and click on save.

Step14. To withdraw your earning go to dashboard and click on account setting and complete your address details and click on payment and select your payment mode and you can withdraw your earning easly that’s all friends hope this article would have helped How to make money on sunfrog online tshirt shop?

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