how to make header menu in simple steps?

how to make header menu in simple steps?

How to make header menu in simple steps?Hello friends welcome back to this tutorials so please reads carefully,now most of the people make their website and don’t know to make header menu in simple steps?.A website without menu looks blank and it become difficult for the people to know the particular content or articles belong to which menu,it best look to the website and one can directly access the contents from the menu it provides best informations about a website that make the people to understand the exact what about this is for?.So header menu is very important for any kinds of website or blogs and today we will be learning same thing how to make header menu in simple steps?.So lets get started now.

steps to create categories

steps1:click on post as you can see on your dashboard.step2: click on categories under post,one new page will open which look like this.step3:Enter the name of categories,slug is nothing but friendly url (put one sentence from descriptions)and give brief description about on categories name which you have entered.step4:click on add new and your categories will be created,repeat for the next one.

Now how to set this categories into your header of your website follow the steps.

Once you login to your wordpress dashboard it looks like this as shown above image.

Steps to how to make header menu in simple steps?

steps1:Login to your wordpress dashboard using username and password.step2:Once your are logged into your wordpress dashboard, Scroll down and click on appearance.step3:Click on menu under appearance, one new page will open like image shown below.Step4: Click on create new menu(1)Step5:Enter name on menu name(2)step6: Click on create menu(3)Step7:Click on save menu(4)\n\n\n\nstep8:Click on categories(5),click on view all then select all and click on add to menu.Step9:click on save menu,now your menu will be saved.

Now where you want to show your menu like header or footer for that you need to select locations for them.

Step10:Click on manage locations(6) select menu locations like primary menu-header and for footer menu-footer.step11:Click on save change now your locations are selected for your menu which you have created.Which look like this below image.That’s all guys i hope this article would have helped how to make header menu in simple steps?,don’t forget to subscribe my chennal click here and helps me to grow and provide better contents like this.

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