how to make best CV with resume website?

how to make best CV with resume website

how to make best CV with resume website?

Hello friends even if you are tenth pass or not educated there is very simple method how to make best CV with resume website? where you can make money online without investing any money from your side,there is a very unique method to earn money and there are very few of them know about it.

You can do this work with your phone and don’t even required any desktop or laptop and you do as your part time work from your home only.

Friends, the biggest problem in this world is unemployment, you can earn a lot of money by showing a light to millions of people by removing the problems of unemployment, this means that people who do not get a good job even after doing full chaos You are able to earn a very good income by giving them solutions or solutions to this problem.

When a company leaves any job, it sends hundreds of candidates to a boring resume and sends the hatch of that company to that company. Hundreds of CV from CV website gets filled in the department and everything looks the same, but if any sensible candidates send a good resume site, then you understand that it will look completely different and will be digested separately and in such resume site There will be complete details of the candidates and apart from that there will be a self-video introduction of the candidates in which he will also be seen introducing himself in his voice.

In this article you will learn how you can make a very good resume website on your new or old mobile and there will not be even a single money investment from your pocket, even if you are not well educated, you are still a great Resumes will be created on the website. And by creating this resume website, people who are looking for a job and cannot find a job can help them.

By making a resumé like this, it all looks different from the résumé and hr don’t look at a lot of resumes because they don’t have time and just look at some resumes and it will be different from all the resumes that will appeal to the recruiter and that Will see it too.

And the chances of getting selected are increased and many of the candidates who are looking for jobs will be ready to create such a resume website. But you will meet the person who created the resume website, who wants to make a resume site from you and will also give you money in return.

If you are not well educated, you will still be taught through a Google tool that runs on your mobile phone and that too is 100% free. A video has to be made in it, if you give a good work, you can earn it only. There are 2 free apps through which you can create a resume site and all these website tools are world famous, you will learn them all in this article.So lets get started now.

Step1. To go to resume site click here.

Step2. Get their reumes for whom you want to make for.

Step3. Click on profile icon on top right side and then click on add another account.

Step4. Enter the customer new email id and password whose resume you are making and click on next.

Step5. Click on blank plus(+) sign page new page will open.

Step6. Enter the customer name for whom you are making in the place of enter site name.

Step7. Enter title INTRODUCTION in the place of home page title.

Step8. Now select the theme of your website of your own choices on right side bar as you can see.

Step9. If you want can change your header image by clicking on change image and then upload images.

Step10. Click on insert text and enter customer name like(i am name of customer) click on ENTER and enter your designation and then click on ENTER and type your location name.If you want can change the colour of your font or text and to change background colour click on colour icon on left hand side.

Step11. To upload your photos click on upload on left side bar and drag your photo and place it where ever you want.

Step12. Now ask your customer to make short introduction video of their own and send to you and once you receive videos click on INSERT and click on text and enter heading as short intro video and can be placed at any where by drag and drop.

Step13. Ask the customer to make their introduction video and upload it to their google drive with same email id and click on google drive icon and and select video and click on insert.

Step14. Now you need to do some setting to play your video and to do that Just go to google drive account and click on your video once which you have uploaded now you can see on top some tools icon has opened click on profile icon one new tab will open and as you can see CHANGE below get link click on it now you can see ANYONE WITH THE LINK select on VIEWERS and click on done.

Step15. Now you need to create contact details to create click on footer as you can see write CONTACT as heading and click on INSERT on right side bar click on TEXT BOX, and enter customers contact details.

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