how to get google adsense approval in 2021?

best guide how to get google adsense approval in 2021?

hello friend welcome back to this tutorial best guide how to get google adsense approval in 2021?best guide how to get google adsense approval in 2021?,google is the platform where bloggers and website owner can earn unlimited money,it real facts.

Now a days every body interested to learn how to design website and earn money from the google is the platform which can multiply the earning number of times and boost your earning but it depends on the quality of contents of your website.

It is my experiences in 2020 applied google adsense may be 10 times but i got rejected because i din\’t had any ideas what procedures to be followed and what to do but i never give up and finally got approved within a week and understood what was the region behind rejection.So there are few point you need to keeps on mind while you apply for google adsense.

so lets get started now

step1:You need to buy a top level domain(custom domain not free domain) from any domain provider.and domain should be like this, .in, .org, .co etc.

Step2:First you need to setup your website or blogs like customizing,changing header and footer,installing seo plugins if you don’t know click here.

Step3:Select themes the best theme is astra which looks good and attractive and free and increases the chances of approval.You can change it after approval of your account if you want.

Step4:You need to create atleast six categories on header menu which helps in avoiding navigation errors.If you don\’t know to make then click here.

Step5:Create privacy policy can get it from the internet or search privacy policy generator tools.or click on step9.

Step6:Create contact us page that also you will get it on the google.

Step7:Create about us pages that also you will get it from google.

Step8:You need to create Disclaimers page.

Step9: Create all these pages privacy policy,contact us,about us and disclaimers and add all these pages to header or footer.To create all these pages click here.

Step10: You need to publish atleast 25 to 30 articles before applying for google adsense and each article should be atleast 1000 words.

Note:– Once you have applied for google adsense you need to publish atleast one article daily and don\’t leave any header categories empty put atleast one till you get your adsense account approval.

Step11: You need to submit your website to google search console and add your website sitemap of post and pages if you don\’t how to do click here.

Step12:You should not copy paste articles from other website it against google adsense policy and you will never get adsense approval if do so.

Step13: now your website is ready for google adsense approval.

That’s all friend hope this article would have helped best guide how to get google adsense approval in 2021?,don’t forget to share with others.

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