how to get free cloudflare wordpress ssl certificate?

 cloudflare wordpress ssl

how to get free cloudflare wordpress ssl certificate?

hello friends welcome back to my website, and today we are going to know how to get free cloudflare wordpress ssl certificate?,ssl is certificate to of trusted website,if don’t have ssl then your will not be trusted by your visitors and do to this web traffic may go down and may get less traffic and if you are getting less traffic means less earning and other hand getting google adsense approval chances may be less so keep reading till the end.


As you can see above image that how without ssl website look like it shows that your website is not secure,and if your site not secure means no body will trust your site and which might get bad result,so it is recommended that your site should have ssl certificate which symbol of trust.


how to get free cloudflare wordpress ssl certificate?


To get free ssl there are few steps to be followed to get free cloudflare wordpress ssl for your website


  1. create an account to website called cloudflare,this is the website where you will be getting free cloudflare wordpress ssl for your website.


So to make an account go to on google or click there


Click on signup


Enter your email and password and click on create account.


2. add your site by entering your website name and click on add site.


click next


Now select the free plan and click on confirm plan.


One new tab will open just scroll down and click on continue.


3.Change your name server,you need to add name server to your domain.


To enter server name login to your domain provider and copy server name and paste it there in the domain provider account.


After login to account go to DNS and then scroll down to name server and click on change.


Click on default and select custom and enter the name server details provided by the cloudflare in the box as same thing as shown in the image above box in your account.and click on save,now you have successfully added your name server in your domain provider account.


click on continue in cloudflare after adding name server.


One new page will open just scroll down and click on re-check in order to see if the name server is changed.And refresh your page you will see green icon like this as shown below which confirms that your ssl is added to your website.


4.Install the cloudflare plugins in the wordpress,to install this plugins go to your wordpress dashboard scroll down click on plugins and click on add new,search for cloudflare and install and activate it.which look like this below.


5.Now enable the ssl into the cloudflare


Go to cloudflare and click on lock icon which is shown above image to enable ssl in your wordpress website.


Scroll down and as you can see always use https, click on to turn on as soon as you turned it on now your website is secured with ssl.


Now to check your website to see ssl is enabled go to your site and refresh it now you will be seeing your site is secured with ssl with lock icon.that all guys i hope this would have helped how to get free cloudflare wordpress ssl certificate?.

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