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Real Secrets how to get data entry work from home? on the internet

how to get data entry work from home?

In this article, we will learn how to earn money by data entry work from home sitting at home with data entry and that too can work 100% free and in this article, we tell how you can earn money sitting at home. And that too is absolutely free, you do not have to put a penny from anywhere.

There is a free website in which you can learn the work of data entry in a practical way by registering for free and after learning, you will get a certificate of data entry for free, that too is absolutely free and you will get hundreds and thousands of data entry. You will get work and all these tasks will be done from your new or old mobile phone, you do not even need a laptop.

You will not spend a single penny from your pocket and you will get all this information from this article, read it carefully, this is a hundred percent perfect way. Friends, I am going to tell you about a website which can learn the work of data entry for free subject and free, you can get the certificate of data entry for free by sitting in your house and that too in your free time.

This hundred percent percent data entry course is about 23 weeks, but you can complete it in just two or three weeks and you will learn how it will happen in this article. And the best thing is that this data entry Course can be taught in any Indian language and some people
You must have thought that you will learn the course of data entry from here, but from where you will do the work of data entry sitting at home, but in this article you will learn how to get data entry work from freelancing site and how to do it? I want to tell you that a lot of data entry work is available in this website.

So lets start now how to do data entry work from home on this website


Click here to visit website to learn how to do data entry work from home and get the data entry certificate absolutely free of cost. Now one page will open that’s the home page of the website where you will learn data entry work online and it is for everyone can learn and do this is available in all the languages so don;t have to worry about how to learn data entry work online?

How to use and do data entry work on mobile phone?

It is very simple Just click here it will take you to the home page of that data entry website and as you can see three dots(:) on top right corner of your website click on it scroll down and select desktop now you will be able to see the same website will appear as it was appearing on the laptop.


How to start learning data entry work?

Now you can see Course catalogs on the home page of the data entry website type data entry and click on the search icon and after searching some results will appear to click on secondary: data entry operation 229 and you can see one new page opens with one video and above video click, on the join button and register yourself one new tab will open now you can create an account through your Gmail or Facebook.

There many options available select anyone to create your account and click on continue and one more new page will open here you need to fill out your profile details. while filling the form in place of year of graduation fill your last year study date even if you are 10th pass you will be able to learn and do the work easly.

After filling the profile details click on save and once it save one new page will open where you will be able to see that there are many types of courses available with different sections like 1week,2week and so on click one by one and start learning with your own languages if you don’t know english.

How to select own language to learn data entry work?

When you click on the course outline you will see that 1week,2week and so on click on then you will get videos and all videos will comes on english so how you can change them to your own languges? don’t worry just click on CC next to setting icon and then click on setting icon then click on substitle and then click on auto translate now you can see all the languages are available and you can select any languages which you want to translate and start learning and if you have any question to ask the click on the ASK QUESTIONS below the videos.


After learning every topics there are quiz here you need to answers the all multiple choice questions and the questions will be asked from the same topics which you have already learned.In the same way you need to learn each and every topics on data entry course and complete the course and get the certificates,

How to get sertificate of data entry course?

To get data entry course certificate click here one new home page will open here you need to register and once the registration is completed you need to go through the same process as you have done on the above website or if you want can learn directly from this website and after completing full courses of data entry you need to go to this page as shown below.


Scroll down and click on the certificate and your certificate will be displayed with your name and if you want can download and take print out of it,so now you have learned how easy to learn data entry online and gettting certificates.


How to get data entry work from home and earn money?

Now you will be learning how you will get data entry work from home and earn money from two different websites

First website is Hubstaff

Second website is

These are the website where you will be getting data entry work from home and earn money you need to registered to these website and start getting work the main question is that how these websites providing the work? and the simple answer is that there are many small and big companies around the world comes to this website and put their works on these types of freelancing site.

And other hand there are many peoples around the searching online job or works and when they go to these types of website there are varieties of works available on these sites they select the works according to their own choice and get the works done and then submit the works to the clients or the same company and in returns they get the payment of their work.

How to get the payment of data entry work from home?

All the payment of data entry work from home from the freelancing site can be received through paypal account or other options available on the payment sections that’s all friend hope this article would have helped how to earn from data entry work from home? and don’t forget to subscribe and share with others.

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