how to generate website traffic

how to generate website traffic(Top 7 free and fast traffic sources)

how to generate website traffic?

Starting from today you are going to learn how to generate website traffic get thousands of new visitors to your website,in this article you will be learning top seven ways to increase website traffic and get it thousand of new visitors fast and free so read this article till the end.

Here you will be able to boost and how to increase organic traffic on website,in this article you will come to know the sources of traffic and how do you get visitors to your blogs or website for free and if you are ready know then lets get started now generate website traffic.

how to increase website traffic for free?


Youtube is the second largest search engine after google here you need to create a youtube channel if you don’t have you are missing a lot of visitors and it is a big source to generate website traffic here you need to write some description about your youtube video and embed your website links on the descriptions so that whenever visitors come to youtube and watches your videos they try to scroll down and see your description and if you have provided URL link of your website they might click on it and visit your site and if they find your site having useful contents or articles he might visits again and shares with other so these are the ways to increase website traffic. And believe me, this is very important because you can easily rank your youtube videos with ranking keywords so youtube is the top and best source of traffic to your website.


Quora is one of the lagest sources traffic and we will come to know how to increase traffic on wordpress blog?here anyone can get unlimitted and millions of traffic if they work little bit on quora and it is the second largest traffic and questions and answers site of around three hundred millions visitors every month and 40 to 50 percent from US Quora is one of the best place how to increase organic traffic on website.

You will be able to see how fast website traffic you are getting on quora and it is very awesome place to generate website traffic,its free and easy just you need to answers the given questions about your topics,website and you will see how fast website traffic you are getting from the first day itself so quora is the second source of traffic for your website.


Link collider is one of the best ways to increase website traffic to get unlimited traffic from link collider here peoples from all over the world come and submit their website to get free traffic to blogs,website,youtube,and any social media pages you want to get traffics from any aprt of the world is absolutely free of cost.

And one of the best advantage is if you have youtube channel then you can get lots of views as well as subscribers too with no time and you will see immediate don’t have to do any thing just click on the collect tokens and start liking pages,share,click and best part is auto-surf once you clicks on auto-surf its start collecting tokens and same tokens will be used automatically to generate traffic and subscriber to your youtube channel.

How to start generating website traffic?

To visit site Click here and sign up using email and password and confirm your email to activate account.

Sign in using same email and password.

Click on submit website and then click on personal website or youtube or any pages which you have made.

Submit your site or pages links or url and select tockens you want to spent per view or visitors,click on captcha box and submit.

Now you are set just click on collect tokens start working on it, and once your tokens are collected you will see that your website traffic is increasing slowly and there is no limit of traffic,start collecting tokens and keep getting traffic to your website.

here you will get lots of benefits like seo tools,keyword research tools,palgerism checker,sitemap generators,backlink generators,search engine submission and so on.


Gust posting is also one of the best way how to increase organic traffic on website guest posting means publishing your website articles or submitting your site or blogs articles to other website in some cases you need to get permission from the blog or site owners for guest posting your contents and most of the website allow you to post free just by signup.

And it is the best ways to increase website traffic and get backlinks to your website or blogs.But guest posting is not only that posting to website only you can post to social media platform like facebook,linkdin,reddit,tweeter,quora spaces,posting on forums,commenting on other website and so on.But one thing you have to keep in mind that you should not spam and give real value contents.And say guest posting means posting anywhere else.


Email marketing is also best traffic source to increase website traffic,if you have email list,if have some subscriber or followers then it good to utilise this source and when ever you publish new articles or videos you can send announcement to your subscriber and followers.And if you have lots of subscriber or followers then you can imagine how much clicks and views your website or blogs get when you publish some thing.


Free E-books is also best to increase traffic on wordpress blog or nay other website, if you are extra ordinary if you have knowledge then create ebooks and publish them but it contents or article should be more valueable and profitable to the audiences,if you are good on writing then just go to to write ebooks with varieties of designs,colours and much more.

Once your ebook is publish allow the visitors to download and if you want can charge any amount and if you provide free service you get lots and lots of visitors.Create free ebooks and embed your website links on it so that readers can visit your website for more information and more services.


Slide share is one of the best ways to increase website traffic where you can share your presentation on slide share and then link to your website,it has lots and lots of traffic and searches,lots of organic traffic from google and views,just you need to signup and create presentations link your content to your website and publish that’s all friends hope this article would have helped How to increase traffic on wordpress blog or how to generate website traffic.don’t forget to subscribe and share.

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