digistore24 review: how to earn money from hsa digistore24?

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how to earn money from hsa digistore24?

As much as the method of earning how to earn money from hsa digistore24 is new, it will be unique, your chances of earning through that method increase as much as if you are only tenth pass, then you will be able to earn very well through that method which I am today I am going to tell you if you are a student, a housewife, do a job, do business, you can earn by learning from today’s video, you will not even need a laptop, your new old mobile phone will do all the work and the biggest There will be no investment of a penny in your pocket.

This hundred percent free website is giving you a Google company, friends, you do not even need to take a domain name, therefore, it will be free. Changes will be made as the model website nowadays is now more reliable than Google, so friends are not there. I can tell everyone that I have a very good website of my own, but what is the benefit of that website that you are unable to earn, I will show you in this article how to earn money from hsa digistore24? and much more than a Germany based site, in the number of hundreds.

Digital and physical products will be available in Hundred percent free. You have to put digital and physical products on your free site. As the customer will come to your website and buy digital and physical products, you will get up to ninety percent of the products sold or This 90% commission will reach your savings bank account, this website will have to be promoted, in this article I will show you how to do it this way.

First of all, using Google’s 100% for free, only some of your own A professional world class website has to be created within minutes, after this there is a website called Digistore24.com to register on this website there are variety of digital and physical products which is available on top of that it is General Health Supplements, to put on your website and promote them.

So lets get started now how to earn money from hsa digistore24? and follow the steps

Step1:to go to the site click here to make your website,one new page will open like this.

Step2: Click on the plus sign to get started from the beginning or you can select any other theme(templates) and start editing as you can see on the image above,one new page will open.

Step3:Enter your site name of your own choice(don’t enter any website url) on top left corner and add logo if you want,if you don’t know what is logo and how to make logo then click here.

Step4:Enter the page title of your site(title should be accourding to topics of your website you want to create).

Step5:Choose header image by clicking on change image or header type which make your website look good and attractive.

Step6: Enter tag line as you can see below in the footer,click on add footer and give catchy tag line and you can create link with that if you want.

Step7:how to create categories(like header menu) to create header menu click on colapsible text like this.

On first line enter your word categories and the in second line enter the name of categories like ,mobile,electronics,clothing etc.when you type first name and then click on enter button on keyboard of your computer and then type second name and then click on enter like this you can make list of your categories name.and you can dirctly link these category name with any url so that if anyone click on this link will directly go to the page which you have linked.Now your home main page is ready.

Step8: how to create free website on google site to create other pages of your website?

As you can see on the tools bar on top right corner the pages click on that one and just below you can see the plus icon below click on that to add new page and enter the name of your categories so that this page will be linked to your categories and anyone who click on that categories will come to this page,like this you can create any number of page for different categories.here you can see this page look like main home page but you change the look of this page how we did in the main home page at beginning.

step9:Now you can see on right side there many site tools bar through which you can post your article,text,images,ads or affiliate network ads and earn money when some one buy these products,

how to add ads,html code to do this click on embed<> and paste the ads code.palce this ads code any where in your site by drag and drop.

Step10: how to post your article,to post your article you need to select what types of layout you want,layout is nothing but design of your website but it your article should look like.click any layout from right side bar and check which best fit to your website and start posting articles and images.

Step11:once you completed writting your articles on your site you need to publish it to the internet so that other people can see your post or article.

once you click on published you article is live on the net and can be accessed by any one.

How to get the link or url or your website?

As you can see the above images red circle click there you will get the link of your website and share it in social media or any other platform where ever you want to get more visitors to your website.On next article will show you how to make money from this website.

Now how to get digital products from hsa digistore24.com.

Step1. Go to website click here.

Step2.Click on start now its free to signup.

Step3. fill the required details in the form.

Step4. select terms and conditions and click on register for free now.

Step5. you need to verify your email address.(go to gmail account to verify).

Step6. Re-enter your password to confirm and now login to digistore24.com.

Step7.Verify your mobile number before you start promoting products.

Step8. Click on the marketplace and then all offers on the affiliate marketplace.

Step9.Click on the promote button and copy the link and share it in your website or social media.

Step10. To get payment go to my account and click on setup payment and withdraw it once it reaches to $50.

That’s all guys hope this article would have helped how to earn money from hsa digistore24? site?.don’t forget to share it with other and visit again.

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