how to earn money from best free apps for self employed?

how to earn money from best free apps for self employed?Hello friends welcome back to and today i will be talking about online reselling to earn money from best free apps for self employed?. 

What is online  reselling?
 Reseller is a company where many owners having their storefront  and sell product Instead of producing their own merchandise and this is the fast ways to make money, they find and source products from other suppliers to sell from their store and get some profit according to their own choice. that means The person want to sell the product of any other company.

He has option to to add his  profit price to original price of the products.It is india’s No.1 selling app you have ever seen making atleast Rs.50,000 or more money online and we will be discussing that we have number of ways to earn extra money.

For example product price is hundred rupees then you have to add your profit margin to this product like like 50 then the original price of that products would be RS.150,and Rs150 will be the MRP that is market price,so here Rs.50  is your profit and Rs.100 goes to the owner of that products or company.

Here profit margin is option to add your own margin how much ever you want to add.
The main thing here is that you are getting Varieties of products to sell online, you do not require any investment or you don\’t have to pay anything to the owner of the product or company. It is India\’s number one reselling app to download this Click here (enter this referral code: IMTIYAZ978)sign up or registration.

You can open this app in any smartphone or mobile phone, joining to the app is free of cost you don\\\’t have to pay anything registration is free Click here( enter this referral code: IMTIYAZ978)sign up or registration.

It is an Indian own company  which is hundred percent genuine this app doesn\’t ask any investment or money for reselling their products and i will tell how to earn money. And one can do this work from his mobile phone or smartphone only. It requires little bit of your efforts need to make money that\’s all.

This app supports you in all the way and it run on background,in this app there are varieties of products available   you can select which all  products you are interested in promoting by adding your profit margin to the original price of the products.

Now here you will be knowing that how you can promote these products from  your mobile phone or smartphone at your home, you don\’t required to go anywhere to sell these products.You just need to choose your product,add your margin and sell it online.

All the management parts like,( packing,sending,courier facility,delivery, return policy) all these work will be handled by this app management, your work is is just to send the product online or promote online Sitting at your home and your profit will be directly deposited to your bank account,this work is so simple and easy so please don\’t give up And got through this topic till the end and don\’t miss anything. so let\’s get started, how to to make money online from your home without investing anything or you can say in other word make money with no money.
Click here to download this app.
install it and open
click on continue
Once you click on continue your number will be added automatically,if not enter your mobile number and click on continue.
you will see one small videos playing watch it(it will give you the basic ideas how to work on it) as have already telling how to work

 select your language  which you know.

Then click on I already know
complete your  small profile( enter your Information)
 click on continue 

Then click on allow to all(one page will open or one message)
 Clicks on Ok
now you can see your home page of the mesho product you want to You can see on the image. 
 In this app,There are  more than 7 lacs products available for selling you can choose any one of them which you want to promote.

Clicks on order(here you will get VIP membership bonus if you sell 15 order in month)and you will get 10% profit extra for selling.Like this would be more scheme you will see once you come to this home page.
Main point is that how you can  sale the product online ,where and how?
As you can see on the bottom where collection is written(as you can see on the image).

Select any collection category you want to promote, click on it.
select best products according to your choice and at bottom of every pro you will get share option as you can see image.

Download:if click on it all the image of that product will be downloaded.
Facebook :share this product to your friend on facebook.
share your products photo and price(price would be original price+your margin=product price that you share with them) you will get option to add your margin when your sharing the products.provide your mobile number so that buyer can contact you,if they want to buy ask them to send photo of the product,address and contact number so that you can order the same product to their address.(before ordering check weather the product is available to deliver to that area)

Now if want you can upload or share same product to the facebook market and follow the above proceedure. 
other:here you will get many option to share your products like this,
Here you will get multiple option, share your products to any of them.

Whats app group:Here you can download whats app group from google play store share your products photo and price(price would be original price+your margin=product price that you share with them) you will get option to add your margin when your sharing the products while sharing in whats app you will get add caption press here you will see paste option click on it all the descriptions of the products will be pasted there as you can see on the image.

And( follow the same above proceedure.).
How to order the selected products to buyers
Go to the product page and click on product to be ordered
you will see( add to cart )option as you can see image

click on it to add products,
select size and quantity  of the products(ask the buyer before you order for them).
Click on continue and click on cart on right side in the image.

select cash on delivery(payment method)
click on proceed
add your margin or profit here

click on proceed
click on add new address(enter buyer address here collect proper address from them).
And click on save address,
one new page will open there you have to enter your address so that buyer will know that products has come from you there will not be name of mesho app any where.(you don\’t worry if the buyer doesn\’t like the product mesho will do all return policy)you will not loose anything.

Next is refferal link: here you will get some commission when some join through your refferal link and make sell.
How to withdraw your earning?

go to your account page
click on my bank account details
enter your bank account details and click on submit button(mesho will send Rs.1 to your account to confirm that your account is linked to mesho and when get some earning that will be transfered to your bank account.
Help desk
Some people  might be new to this, and they may not be knowing about the selling and the people those who are facing problems, and to solve their problems this app has provided help desk as you can see on the image below.

Click on help icon you will get their contact number and email id.
Contact then and ask them if you are getting any kind of problems or finding difficulty to understand (ask them again and again if you don\’t understand and get 100% solution from experties).this might be the best option for new online sellers and promoters.

That’s all friends hoped this article would have helped how to earn money from best free apps for self employed?.don’t forget to share with others.

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