how to earn money by data entry work online?

how to earn money by data entry work online?

hello friends welcome back to my website today we will be talking about how to earn money by data entry work online?.Data entry is work where peoples can do even they do not have any skills and it is 100% Genuine site where people can generate their income by doing some data entry work and this topic will be very interesting so please don’t skip go through till the end.

You can do this work without investment and please don\’t pay anything, it is free of cost.No joining fees or charges.In this site both services are available premium and free,don\’t go for premium go for free service earn some money and then latter on if want can join premium service.

Some people may or may not heard about this site,the name of that particular site is and we will be discussing that what kind of works are available here, where peoples can generate their income approximately $10 to $20 us dollar per hour.And all the earning will be directly transferred to your bank account.

It is one of the biggest freelancing site in the world and annual turnover of this site is very big or other word we can say billion us dollar which distributes to its freelancers around the world.

In this site all small and big companies around the world comes here and put their works and all those works are given to those who really wants to work and make some best income for their support.And we will tell you how you can pick up your own desire work from this site.So lets get started,

Open your browser in your phone or laptop and enter Or click here you will go to your home page as seen top first image

There are two option available click on i want to work you will be directed to signup page enter your email and password click on join freelancer one new page will open enter your user name click on next select account type click on(i want to work) now signup is success and you will get welcome page as shown below.

Click on data entry as shown in the image above New page will open to select your skills you can select only 20 skills(select which you know).

Select your skills and click on next step One new page will open where you have to enter your full name.
languages:select as many languages you know.
Experince level:select anyone(select beginner if you started first time)
click on next step

Payment verification page will open
select your payment method type or skip if you want to setup some other time.

My suggestion to select paypal payment method(it is international payment gateway for receiving money from all around the world and making paypal account is free of cost.

To verify your paypal account with freelancer (if you have made paypal account already) click on paypal One new page will open enter your paypal email id(here your email id is your paypal account number) click on Next one new page will open.

Don\’t click anywhere just scroll down and click on skip for now on down right corner now as you can see there are two types of project available Fixed projects
Hourly projects
Select both the projects and as you can see on the right side there are many projects are available pick up any projects and go through their terms,condition and understand their requirement and apply to them.

That’s all friends hope this article would have helped how to earn money by data entry work online? and don’t forget to share.

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