how to earn likee lite app money for watching2021?

how to earn likee lite app money for watching2021?

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how to earn likee lite app money for watching2021?In today’s world watching video and earn money people spending a lot of their times on watching videos and in entertainment.

And videos and entertainments which you like most you share them with your friends, family, relative and other and most of the time you share them in your WhatsApp.So that they also can enjoy.

But there is a very good app for you where you can watch videos and you can earn money from them it run in our smartphone or in mobile to earn likee lite app money for watching2021?.

Here you can make money by sharing videos on WhatsApp.
And You can make some  earning by opening this app everyday your smartphone or mobile phone,This app is so amazing that  you can not believe that you can make money in such a way.
This is hundred percent guaranteed and international app where you can make good money And you can believe it.

From this app you can transfer your earning directly to PayTM account without any problem.
this app is a good advantage that even if you’re earning is low you can transfer your earning to PayTM account.

In this app your work is to just watch videos and make money and open your App everyday and earn some money.How much videos you watch that much will get you are earning, if you are watching more videos you will get more money.

But in this app you will not get any referral code for you don’t have to share videos like other App where you get some money by referring other person and sharing other.
here you just have to open your App Watch videos and earn money, it is100% genuine app and Transfer your money safely to the Paytm account.

So let’s get started,To download this app.

Open your Google Play Store and type or search for likee lite or you can just click hereClick hereThis app is very good this app will not ask any money after sometime like other App ask it is free of cost joining.

Told you that you will get your earning just only by watching videos ,You can see in the picture.
It is 10 million download which is equal to 1 crore this means one crore people have downloaded this app to make money online from this app.
Click on download( it will take some time to download and install once the installation is complete)
Click on open,Once you click on open you will see like this in picture.

Here you can select your language,According to your own languages choice.
click on confirmed

You will get some videos playing automatically just go back by clicking on back icon.

Now on top you can see user icon click on it.

Register with your email or phone and click on signup button you will get opt in your phone number click submit.

Enter your now password according to your own choice and click on done button then you will see welcome to likee where you can enter your profile Information.
click on Next button
click on start

Now you can start watching your videos and start  claiming coins.
Other option to earn money please to click on check in( collect some point from here) 

Another option to earn money is gift box(Collect coins from this box)
Next click on share videos to earn coins

Now after earning money click on withdraw button as you can see when click on balance,see image below
It will show you your earning coins click on withdraw you will see paytm you just have to enter your patym mobile number and click on withdraw.
if don’t have Paytm Then make one paytm to earn likee lite app money for watching2021?.

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