how to earn from youtube marketing ads?

welcome back to this tutorials how to earn from youtube marketing ads?As we know youtube marketing is the best platform for marketing to promote any products or services on youtube.In today world you should have the knowledge of digital marketing and youtube marketing is the part of digital marketing.

As digital marketing is discussed on last topic and to read click marketing palys very great roll in promoting their own products or any other products ,as you know after google youtube is second largest search engine on the internet through which you can reach millions of customers around the world and promote your products.

In digital marketing there are many good things available for you like there is any age limit to start this field,there is no any educational criteria and there are lots of scope available in this field. like growth and job opportunities,if you wnat to start this means you must have digital marketing skills,techno friendly nature and interest to learn new things and follow new trends excitements.

If you want you can do digital marketing courses or without courses you can start to this field and give a try but you should have some interest on it and enjoy while working on it.The main thing is that you can make lots and lots of money from this type of digital marketing and it is true but you can make money online from your passions,hard-work and dedications skills only.

But if you have required or extra talent then you can grow even more faster and the main interesting thing here is that you don\’t have to setup your offices any where else.But you should have one laptop or mobile or pc and internet connections along with that.To learn digital marketing you don\’t required any coding skills.

So lets get started with how to earn from youtube marketing ads?

Youtube marketing here products and services are promoted online and earn their profits it is best for peoples those who are doing business and want to promote their products online.And it best platform for youtuber to promote their own products and earn some good income.


The main questions is that why should we choose youtube marketing ads for digital marketing?

Because youtube is the second largest search engine in the world after google and it is most visited site,everyday there are millions of contents are seen on youtube atleast 60% of the people spending their most of the time on youtube and it is found that by watching videos of any products which make buyers more satisfaction and easy to buy.

When any users see any brand products reviews they ready to buy easily.Here both of them get profits youtuber and products manufacturers.If you have products to promote and have own youtube chennel then it more great you don\’t have to pay anyone for advertisement and all profits come to you directly now you might have understood how important is youtube,if you don\’t have youtube chennel and want to create one then click here.

how to earn from youtube marketing ads? and start your chennel.

  1. you need to make youtube chennel and if you are realy intrested and should be more creative.
  2. You must have one gmail id,if don’t have create one click here.
  3. After creating gmail account you must create youtube chennel,if you don’t know how to create then click here.
  4. To get monetisation you must have more visitors and growth should be more and for monetisation you should need atleast 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in one year.
  5. You should create custom youtube url so that your chennel should come on top while searching.
  6. Make videos on topics in which you are interested in,it can be any thing but quality should be good.
  7. Videos consistency should be good.
  8. make perfect thumbnail which matches to your videos and contents.
  9. Share your videos on social media.
  10. You can make videos by joining other youtuber so that you will get new visitors and your subscriber may start increasing if you want.
  11. You should pay more attention to search engine optimization and select best keywords and include keywords in your titles descriptions and tags.
  12. Focus and keep your eyes on market strategies.
  13. you can create paid promotions if it is required.
  14. You can take the help of google keyword planner tools for keyword research.
  15. You should provide branding name to your youtube chennel so that it will be easy for people to find.

You can enable google adsense monetisation to earn revenue and you will get maney ads format to show on your youtube videos.

You can do affiliate marketing where you get commission on promoting someone\’s products on youtube by placing the products links on descriptions of your videos and when someone buy through this link you get some fixed amount of commission from it.To know how to create affiliate account click here.

Direct promotion here companies promote their products directly to youtube account and display ads matching to your videos.If you put good contents then you will get more views its depends on the quality of your videos.

lead generations if you want to earn more money lead generation is the best to provide products links to youtube videos on the screen and videos descriptions but you should make videos for the same products whose descriptions you have placed and there are many influencer whose subscribers are more and get lots of views.

That’s all guys hope this article would have helped how to earn from youtube marketing ads? don’t forget to share with other friends.

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