how to earn from your voice recording?

how to earn from your voice recording?

Today i have brought how to earn from your voice recording?a make money from voice recording and selling site in which the method of earning is completelyhow to earn from your voice recording?a make money from voice recording and selling site in which the method of earning is completely different. Hundred is free joining. No money is spent out of your pocket and no special qualification is required, but if your selection is done for the work on this site. So you will be able to take a lot of money and take home. You must have seen that today many foreign animation serials are dubbed in Indian languagesand are being shown on Indian TV channels such as Doraemon Shinchan.

These two serials are from Japan, yes both these serials. When there is water but you will be surprised to know that in today’s date every Indian sees these two serials, what children, old people, young and their dubbing in every Indian language like in Punjabi in Hindi, Bangla in Telugu, Telugu in Tamil and many more.[make money from voice recording]

You must have seen in the languages that Doraemon is a character, her voice in Doraemon serial is that of an Indian woman, right inside Hindi, now she is an Indian woman who speaks in Hindi as the voice of Doraemon.

You must have seen on TV Doraemon to sell his voice to that woman Millions of rupees are earned by making a voice, there are dozens of characters in a serial like just a Doraemon,[make money from voice recording] different types and for all of them, different voices are needed, very good sound of drops of children, very bad voice, very bad man.

If a tractor is bad, then its voice should also be spoiled, then that character emerges, on this, all the voices in the serial are sold by the Indian promise and they earn millions of rupees for the people who give their voice, this is a full time. Profession is for them, dozens of foreign serials like Doraemon and Shinchan are dubbed in Indian languages and are running on Indian TV channels in the morning.

Similarly, different types of foreign e-TV serials are dubbed in Indian languages. Many South films are dubbed in Hindi nowadays and are shown on TV, so to say that by selling your voice, yes, whether your voice is of a child or a young man is a student housewife,[make money from voice recording] the value of your voice is very bad. Is your voice is very melodious even if the price is very bad Every kind of voice is sold.

The question is where and how it will be sold technically called Voice over Yes Yes it is called Voice over is an international site Its name is Yes this side is a voice side this By coming up on the site, you can sit in Hindi Bangla Urdu Tamil Gujarati Punjabi and how many languages do not know your voice and can earn thousands of millions of rupees on this site.[make money from voice recording]

And after that if a customer likes your voice, he signs a contract with you, the advanced leader starts and you start getting work guidelines. If you show me both on your laptop and mobile, then friend, I have brought you to the screen of my laptop, I am not one of

Currently friend voice123 is a website in USA on which you can come and sell your voice in Indian languages, you can also sell in English but also in Indian languages, almost all Indian languages ​​are covered here like Hindi Urdu Marathi Punjabi Sanskrit Tamil Telugu Bengali, etc. Ok, it will come to your mind that what are the companies that want to buy your voice in Indian languages, right now, Friend Coca-Cola is such a big name, it is so big in the same way.

Those who come to this site and sign contracts with people who give voice in different Indian languages ​​and get them done, right here they do not have any expense, want to click here such voice actors This is if you want to sell your voice, you speak it inside the Indian languages, voice actor is ok, the voice is fine, now I will click here, now here I have the option to speak the language do you speak you can signup free of cost.

To open this website click here

click on signup button

one new page will open here you will have two options if you are looking for voice to buy then As client looking for voice and if you want to sell your voice then click As voice actor.

one new tab will open select your languages you want to speak can select multiple languages also and select next button.

select gender and age and click on next.

select the path through which you want to send your voice like email,doc,etc.

click on next and select the option that the voice you are going to sell will be only voice or along with the music or any other so you can select any thing with options.

click on next and enter your email address.

click on continue and enter your full name.

click o continue and almost your are done again click on continue.

and click on complete your profile,We have to put a profile picture or photo. If you are making this profile of your family member here, you can make a profile of all your family members, irrespective of their age,[voice recorder windows 10] whose voice is selected. Go, which you will expect the least, I can guarantee you that the chance of getting a voice selection will be the highest.

Enter your profesional hedline,I will now put a professional head line on it that I am creating my profile in a way, above voice123, in which my photo has been received, my name has come right, I will see this profile of my customers on voice123 right now.[voice recorder windows 10]

I have a small You have to place the voice also in this profile, how will he put it under this profile, I will see you. There is no need for your height and color, it is selling your voice, your voice is worth it. Do not have to be how much your height is, how is your color, right here the price is only and only your voice is okay, now I come down and put the line.\n

Then click on save,enter website address,facebook address.

There is one best mobile app to download click here Runs on your mobile phone, you will download that app in your mobile phone, I will write its link in the description of this video and record your voice sample on it[voice recorder windows 10]. Ok, because the app gives the facility to add a lot of extra effects. Then call or not, if you are saying something.

then it makes your voice very clear, that is if there is a background message behind, there is a sound coming from behind, there is music, there is traffic and it makes you work in it.[voice recorder iphone] You can also add effects and if you prepare a good voice sample in this way, then it will be better if you have more chance of getting work.

after recording your voice sample upload it on the site. and click on save.

select your payment option we suggest paypal account is the best to receive any international payment easly.[voice recorder iphone]

To know how to make paypal account click here

 Samples have been put, but every site is different, right above voice123, we have not done our email verification yet and have not entered the password, if you remember, voice123 makes it last in both the things.

And after that our work will be completed here and our profile will be advertised on top of voice123 site Customer will see our voice samples, they will like it, they will deal with us, we will earn, okay now I will verify my email id and I will also create my password above this site,[voice recorder iphone] where 3 lines have been installed, click here as you can see image below with red arrow pointing on top left.

scroll down and click on your account email password.

your profile will open click on verify email and go to email account and then click on the link to verify your email.[sound recorder]

now once your email is verified again go to top left corner red arrow click there and scroll down click on your email and password one new page will open click on chnage password(i know you still have not made)[sound recorder]new tab will open enter your password and type again and click on set password.

I show you that there are 3 lines going up now, I will click here, I will go to search,[sound recorder] now you will see friends from over 70 thousand profiles here because there are hundreds of thousands of different languages ​​in this world, now you can see how many Your profile will be seen here from all these profiles,

we will contact here, then we will get the email right and now if we support it, we should see how many profiles of Indian languages are made, then we will see from here I click here Hindi now seen Hindi has come

now, over the Hindi language voice123, Already 700 people have created a profile, you can see it now that this contact LPD has happened here,

if someone here will listen to a voice sample and After that if he feels good then he will add them.

You can communicate with them, you can chat, OK, on top of the email ID you have entered, you can have all the notifications of customers and voice123 Some people feel that these are all things to say, where is our voice someone You will like it and where we will earn thousands of millions of rupees in it,

these are the only things, you keep your thinking positive and after a couple of hours, register on top of this site and put your voice exam, if you get the job Your life can change in today’s media, there is a lot of money in the media, if you go to a line in which your.

voice is worth your personality, then you earn thousands and not millions because you have a population of 130 crores saints.

All Indians want to be entertained and for entertainment, what they see on TV or on social media on any of these three platforms, you can earn so much money that you would not have even dreamed as far as part time Matter of income.

Hope this article would have helped how to earn from your voice recording? don’t forget to share.

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