how to do keyword research

Easy Ways Turn how to do keyword research as beginners Into Success

how to do keyword research

how to do keyword research?

How to do keyword research,what is this it is simply SEO or search engine optimization   in this small course you will be learning SEO and tell you exactly how it works and how you can get for free traffic to your website or blog with google search results so stay tuned and follow up with us new small course about SEO or search engine optimization in this article you will simply learn that how SEO exactly works and how you can get almost free organic traffic from google search engine before we start please don’t forget to share if you like to read more articles like this about digital marketing  online business make money online please don’t forget share with other

so let’s stop wasting time and start point  and start with our SEO small course by the way this course is the road map if you understand this course you will understand every topic in SEO later on when we learn in depth of each detailed topic so please make sure don’t miss any things.

So let’s start together okay so what is SEO or search engine optimization and let’s make things simple by a direct example i will search for open hsa digistore24 this keyword so someone is searching hsa digistore24 and you can see now my website comes on first page of google what does it means whenever someone searching for this keyword he will see my website so i will  be getting free organic views and clicks to my website and free traffic directly from google.

So after we know this what is SEO now simply it’s a technique to optimize your website you do some things in order to rank your website on top of google to get free traffic that’s it you rank your website on the first page of Google or any search engine to get free organic traffic and this is very simple.

  Now let’s check out how SEO works just simply three steps to optimize your website or your web page to rank   on first page of google which is something called as follows.

1. keyword research

2. On page optimization  

3. Off page optimization

When you complete these three steps for your website or web-page will start getting free organic traffic from google search engines automatically on your website so let’s start one by one how to do keyword research so we have keyword research what is a keyword simply whenever you type on keyword research tools like google keyword planner keyword as an example hsa digistore this is a keyword which people are searching on google it’s a keyword if you go down to google page down here   you will see searches related to hsa digistore24 you can see all these are also keywords.

So these  all are the keywords what is keyword research simply is finding keywords is searching for keywords which you can use it for optimising your website on to rank on google first page as an example in my case in this small   example and my website is ranking on this keyword so if you go here to my blog let’s open my blog and let’s see   this i’ll go down here to the second page you’ll see here hsa digistore24 so this is the guide that I am ranking on google first page with this keyword so now your work is to  find keywords that your website will be able to rank on google first page.

 how to do keyword Research?

Step1. First step is to do research.

Step2. Go to websites like google keyword planner for free SEO and digital   marketing tools.

Step3. Now you need your gmail account to login or sign up if you don’t have account.

Step4.Click on search icon and type keyword planner and hit Enter and click on keyword research tool.

Now suppose  you want to write an article about email marketing anything you go here and type email marketing then  

You select the country you want languages also you can set it to global and you will be getting lot  of keyword ideas related to that then just wait a little bit and you will get lots of keywords how many people are searching for every month it will give you also related keywords that people are searching for also on google so all these are the keywords that people are searching   for and you can get all the monthly search volume for each keyword so all these are keyword ideas.

 That how you can write articles about these types of keywords and rank on google your aim should be to find a low competitive   keyword what do you mean by a low competitive keyword a keyword if you are going to google and search for email marketing you will get a list   of top websites that rank on email marketing like optinmonster like Hubspot   like campaign monitor these are big companies that some how very difficult to rank on and break their rank on google as a beginner in a web in a new website.

so you need to search for different keywords you can see a lot of keywords better to use a long tail keyword what do you mean by a long tail keyword as an example how to do keyword research for beginners this is the example of long-tail keywords you can see this this is easier to rank on google and another way you can get somehow good keyword to go down here on google search and find related searches so these are also long tail keyword that is easier to rank on google.

 So your job is to do some keyword research and select the best keyword after you choose some keywords you can go to tools like uber suggest which is also free to use it has a free plan i mean if you open it and let’s write like an example how to do keyword research for beginners this one you can write it here and click on search so this is a keyword what’s nice about ubersuggest it   will give you something called SEO difficulty so this is a metric you can see it’s easy to rank  and its the SEO difficulty is easy so this keyword is easy to rank on google.

So your goal now is to get keywords and others that the monthly search volume is like 1000 2000 as a starting point is very good 1000 search 2000s 2000 then check the SEO difficulty and choose one keyword with high search volume and low difficulty then select this is keyword rating on google and writing an article on this concept summarize go now and do keyword research take keyword list and filter them to get high volume search keywords with low difficulty this is just a keyword research idea so after choosing your content ideas or your list of keywords now it’s time to go to the second step at the top of the page.

let’s get back to my blog and here’s my guide to doing how to find keywords for a website? so in this guide in this blog post explain step by step that how can you get the keyword anyway so this is an article and i want to rate it on google i want to get free traffic when i go here at the end back to edit the post you will see here when i click on this plug-i n here i will talk a bit you will see i have SEO analysis is green so this article is optimized for SEO what do I mean by this it means that this article is optimized for this keyword that i choose organic seo so how can you use this article on something called page creation.

In page design is what you can do for your website on your page like editing your text you edit your images to do things directly on your website to use for SEO as an example this keyword is mentioned in the title of this article and here are the subtitles when you go down how you will be able to find website keywords mentioned so often so beyond how google does not know that this article is about the simple organic seo you see so this plugin will tell you exactly how you can add what you can do to customize your organic SEO articles on another page when you add some images.

let’s say this image click on -t you will see that I have something called alt text alternative text this is also important to add your SEO images to include alt text and it is important to compress and increase the size of the images so that the website speed will somehow speed up the most important SEO thing on the page for example url method or link to this post when you open it here you see how to find keywords for a website so it also says in the url you should use SEO related urls and in order to get to the top of the SEO page things you can do on your page on your website to use search engines you should tell search engines search that your article is about your simple topic tell google you talk about in my example how to find keywords for a website .

So we take How to find keywords for a website in keyword research using our article with these keywords we choose and move on to the SEO page but before we continue i want to tell you about this plugin called yoast if you go to build in the back end and go to plugins and install new ones it is very important to install this SEO plugin if you search for SEO you will find yoast SEO this is a plugin with five million elements active you can see twenty-five star review in the complete plug-in that will help you and make things easier for you when you click on yoast SEO.

Here SEO analysis will give you in detail what you need to fix as SEO title as images meta description will give you everything you need to do add your own organic SEO article on the page so after improving it with the organic SEO on the page we now move to the SEO page so what is published on the SEO page is just on the SEO page everything you do on your website or blogs you can simply share on your website on social media what it does just helps to provide something called social signals so google will track and socialize your website will see if people share it on social media it will see it start to searching from social media.

And there are metrics engines that will follow us to see how people interact with your website on social media it is called social media another important feature is what we call backlinks if you go here and on uber-suggest you will see that I like 3,700 backlinks easily backlinks easily which one fell a website that links to your website easy I mentioned that one important service you can provide is to give someone else’s backlink so on your website so if someone links you give you a link from another website called backlink.

A link from another website goes to your website and whenever you have a lot of backlinks if you have a lot of backlinks that means it simply tells google and search engines that this website is important everyone links with it so it has good information so this just tells google and search engines that this website is important for everyone to link to it so it has good information so it is the way backlinks work.

So you need to create backlinks you need to get backlinks maybe like sending cold emails to other website owners to ask and exchange backlinks maybe or maybe you buy backlinks from them or whatever or maybe you can build them physically now but just understanding that you need to build backlinks to get a higher position on google this is very important this with off-page SEO another feature is what we call it hi if you come back here to the dashboard google help kits analytics if you go here you can see something called bounce rate.

And see length also this is important if you want to rank your website higher you need to reduce the beat rate and increase the session time people stay on your website and if you stay on my website for one hour and this is very important to google it tells them that this website is important for people who live on the website who do not hit directly and exit the website and so on. create backlinks social signals shares outside of your website so this is what SEO allows your website to get free traffic from search engines about three main keyword research steps on the SEO page and off-page SEO that’s all friends hope this article would have helped don’t forget to share.

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