how to do best seo blogs and top seo blogs?

how to do best seo blogs and top seo blogs?

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how to do best seo blogs and top seo blogs?In todays world the is traffic is the very most important parts which play very great and unique roll, if you get more traffic means more money and i will be discussing same seo techniques here how to do best seo blogs?.

If you wants more traffic then seo techniques is best to know so please keep reading Advance seo for bloggers till the end and visit gain for new if like this lets get started.

open your blogs here i will be telling how you can do your advance seo settings in blogger in your blogs so that you may get more and more views and blog can get more traffics. for that there is option on left corner down setting click on setting you don\’t have to do anything all will be done by blogger.

Title: the first thing here is title it is most important things and it focus keyword for your post page,title is the keyword where you have to write your articles related to your titles only to get better blogspot seo result and better traffic,so you might be thinking how to find most suitable keywords for your title don\’t worry just go to google and type your keywords which you have decide and start searching or press enter in your computer now you will get so many results related to that keywords.
Now you just have to scroll down and you might see all related keywords suggestions like this.

Select any one of then which is most suitable for your blogspot seo title copy that suggestion keywords come to your blogs click on edit title remove which already there and paste the keywords which you have copied.And your title must be between 50-60 words that is the best title for blogs and click on save change if you are doing that much defenetly you will get good results for blogspot seo.

Description:now next is description click edit and you need atleast 500 words of descriptions,write full about your blogs and include your keywords on it so that google should know about your site perfectly to index it better.After writing descriptions click on save changes. Here title and descriptions are most important parts for best seo so be very careful while doing so blogspot seo.

Privacy: check privacy is visible if it is yes then leave as it is and if it is no then change to yes and click on save change. this the reason that most of the blogs are not indexed by the google search engine so pay attention to this.

Blog address:blog address if have any custom domain to be host you can add your domains here or put any domains you want to put.

HTTPS: don’t change any this leave as it is.

Posts,comments and sharing:it is located on the left side down click on it,one new page will open and as you can see post this represents that number of post you want to show on your you can change the number of post you want show.

Showcase image with light box:if you have set an image if you to open your image as popup on clicking on it then chnage the status to yes.supose image that you have provided have lots of infography and people visit your site then you must enable yes.

comments:here select user with google account so that you may know your visitor and users.

Comment moderations:here you can select always. and below there will be an empty box put your email there so that when visitor make comments on your blogs it will come to you and you need to approve it.and if think that comment writen is ok then publish it or depends on you and you have total control over it.

Comments from message:here you can add message that if you have any doubt let me know message to your visitors.After completing all of these just scroll on top right and click on save setting.

Email: The next is email here you can put your email by clicking on it if someone make any comments on your blogs you will receive email notification that someone has commented.and if there is any questions asked by the visitors answer them if you know the answer.which make the visitor to get attracted to your blogs.

Language and formatting:language is the most important part that you have to change the languages in which you wants to write your blogs,suppose if you are writting in some other language and you haven\\’t change languages then google read only english default language which make the blog bad marking and visitor may not like and google may not read or understand,so language is very important.And enable translation so that visitors can read your blog i their own local languages. and select time zone according to regions and other formate to your choice.And click in save setting.

Search preferances:It is the most important part which no body does it,it make all other search engine that your site is exist and if you don’t do this your site will may become useless. click on it one new page will open.

meta tags(descriptions): this very important you must be creative to write it with focus keyword if don’t know then copy paste the previous one and the maximum length of this descriptions should be 150 characters because google will allow that much only to show on the web page and then click on save change.

Errors and redirections:Here whenever get any dead link or error pages like 404 or not found to remove that you have to do some setting here,for that you have to do custom redirects to do this click on edit and then copy the url link of the particular post or page and paste on the link box you might be seening as you go select on permanent box, save and then save change.

Google search console(google webmaster central blog):Here you have to add your site to google search console(google webmaster central blog) so that it may know that your site is ready and live so that google can index you have to open new tab and go to google search console(google webmaster central blog) login to your account on top left click on arrow click on add property you will be asked to enter your domain name enter your site domain name like this( and clcik on continue now your site will be verified automatically. now your site will be available on google.and whenever google wants it can index it.

Custom robot text: click on edit make yes if it is no and one box will open enter this text below into the box

User-agent: Media partners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

put your here ssl if it is on and if you find difficult then leave the box empty and click on save change.

Custom robot header tags: click on edit select yes,all,nodp,noindex,nodp,all and nodp click on save change.

monetisation:if you want to show google ads on your site then click on edit and select yes and palce the google code in the box below which you will get from google ads sense account and click on save change.

Other:here you can select google analytics and place google analytic id by signing in google analytic account and click on save change.we must do seo settings in blogger and if we do use these seo techniques and blogspot seo,if seo techniques and use google webmaster central blog for registering your url.
that\’s all friends i hope this article would have helped how to do best seo blogs?. don’t forget to share.

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