how to create facebook page in simple steps?

how to create facebook page in simple steps?
So if you are looking for how to create facebook page in simple steps?.Now there are many reasons why you’d want to do that. It might be for your business,it could be for a product or service, it could even be for your band, right?.

Or it could even be, you know, because people like your cat.Whatever the reason why you\\’re creating a page in this article I\’m going to show you how to create facebook page in simple steps?.

Step1. Now it’s super how easy to create this Facebook page?. Now the first thing that you need to do is come up here to your browser and you want to type in and hit enter, or return. And it’s going to bring up this page right here.

Step2. Click on the green button on top right corner,one new page will open.
Step3. Now in new page you will get atleast six options.
Step4. Select any one of them, page you want to create.
Step5. Click on the page and enter the name you want to keep.
Step6. Click on agree button or box to facebook and then get started button.
Step7 one new page will open.
Step8. enter page descriptions.
Step9. Enter website address and page address and select yes or no option according to your own choice.
Step10. click on save info
Note:- All the above is done in order to rank your web page in search engine.
Step11. one new page will open here you need to upload profile picture or image to look more attractive,here you can choose image from your computer or internet.image should be 180pixel to 180pixel.
Step12. click on next button after uploading profile image.
Step13. one new page will open and will ask you to add your page to favorites so that you can access easly anytime. or you can skip it.
Step14. click on next button one new page will open.
Step15. Here you need to add cover photo as you can see image below.
Step16. you can add cover images from your computer or mobile after uploading click save change.
Step17. Creating facebook page wasn’t easy, i hope this article would helped how to create facebook page in simple steps? it is easy so don’t worry visit this site regularly to get new tips and ideas,don’t forget toshare to receive new tips.

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