to create a wordpress website for beginner

Omg!how to create a wordpress website for beginner For Free Ever!

how to create a wordpress website for beginner

how to create a wordpress website for beginner. 

how to create a wordpress website for beginner For Free hosting, Whenever you want to or decided to start working online As we know before having a good website or a blog is really very very important So content creation or article writing is a must if you want to grow online Anyway then this idea is good and lot of people want to start working online but we find very difficult to get a budget required for web hosting.

Is there any way how to create a wordpress website for beginners?

The answer is yes there is a way where you can create a website with free hosting and domain at least for the 1st period to test our business and so on Then later we can grow up Of course yes! and learn so many new things. In this article, you will be learning at least three methods where you can start your website without investing single dollars for hosting And start your WordPress website free and easy steps so let’s go directly and see how we can create a free WordPress website With 0 dollars hosting, with free hosting.

First method of free hosting

So let’s go to your PC or laptop and here we have the first website called this is one of the best websites,and best free web hosting services provider and it is totally for free So let’s start we can create a WordPress website in this free service provider Simply you will have to click on Get started here and then you will be clicking on free signup You can see 0 dollars nothing required no credit cards just sign up and start Free signup, wait a little bit, By the way, don’t worry about any link mentioned here.

Everything will be mentioned So you need to login now with your Facebook account or Google Whatever you want just sign up and login I don’t want to waste your time now with a signup process, it’s so simple to Continue and we can see here I have already a website running I tested this service before I published this article to ensure it’s working.

Just learn step by step process It will take a few minutes only just follow up with us to Create A WordPress Website For Free

Step1:Now simply click on create a new site,

Step2: You can enter a website name so it’s like a free domain you can start with And this is the domain extension okay I will select like test very nice and this is the password just copy it to a notepad file just to save it.

Step3: Then click on create, So now in just 1 click you will have a hosting a free hosting and with Cpanel installed on Just wait a little bit and here our website created You can see now, now it will tell you automatically if you want to install WordPress.

Step4: It’s so simple you can see this, click on install and enter the admin username and password for the WordPress website required for login to your WordPress dashboard and this is the URL here.

Step5: The free domain and click Install Now just wait like 2 minutes or maybe 1 minute for WordPress to be installed on your free hosting And then you will have a free WordPress website with free hosting, that simple and awesome it says congratulations it’s ready.

Step6: And you can now go to configuration page and login to your WordPress website I don’t want to go to WordPress now it’s out of the scope.

Step7: So simply now you have the hosting you have WordPress installed You can do whatever you want, that simple.

Second method of free hosting

Step1: Now the second option for free hosting is a website called accuwebhosting.

Step2: Also this is one of the best web hosting free web hosting services you can start with as a beginner to test and learn and grow online in the first maybe a couple of weeks or first month and so on So you can also go with free web hosting you can see fast and hassle-free No overselling period get started.

Step2: log in and sign up and go with a free hosting I don’t want to waste time now in each service I’m just showing you the examples on where you can start.

Step3: And by the way you go now to Google and search for free web hosting service.

Step4: And you will get a list of like 10 or 15 services you can start with But I think this 000webhosting and accuwebhosting are the top on the list Anyway so this is option number 2.

Third method of free hosting

Option number 3 is to go with Digital Ocean But Digital Ocean doesn’t have a free plan What I’m going to do simply is I will share with you my link My Digital Ocean link where you can get a free full month to test anything in Digital Ocean for free And I also explained how to set up WordPress on my channel If you go here down to my channel let’s go down down down down You will see here how to install WordPress on Digital Ocean with SSL.

You can follow this tutorial if you want to set up on Digital Ocean it’s up to you So you can go with 000webhost, Accu Webhosting or you can use my link, by the way, it’s an affiliate link to sign up and get free 1 month on Digital Ocean it’s up to you Also small advice for those people who are looking to use a shared web hosting service A paid plan because a lot of you also asked me about this What shared hosting you prefer If you are following me you know I don’t prefer shared hosting.

Explained on Digital Ocean and on Contabo But as a small note if you want to know what I prefer I prefer Namecheap you can start with like $3 or $4 Or you can start with $7 per month for WordPress hosting So it’s up to you any way I am showing you free methods and paid methods paid to host you can choose whatever you want.

Anyway after you setup WordPress whether free or paid You can follow up tutorial here to learn how to set up a WordPress website so here are the services you can use to set up WordPress and start maybe for free So now you don’t have any excuse to start working online and to create the WordPress website You can start with free hosting 0 dollars, hope you know how to how to create a wordpress website for beginners For Free don’t forget to share with other.

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