how to create a blog for free and make money?

hello friends welcome back to my website Today we will come to know the how to create a blog for free and make money?.Google is platform where it has come up with ideas that how to make money blogging? in 1999.

Google had brought very good and unique ideas about part-time work twenty one years back and now today people around the world working ta home by using same ideas and making enough money in us dollars.It is genuine work and there is nothing other than google.

Here you can start your work from your mobile phone for those who do not have laptop or computer without nay investment and there are many people around the world make money from blogging if English is not good but don’t worry here you will get some tips which will make you to understand that even you also can start your work no matter weather you know English or not.

There are 21 years ago google had made a website who\\’s name was and there is an app called google translate and one more is called pixels if you use all these three you can become a great and successful blogger and you will come to about same thing here so please don’t skip read it again and again till you understand and shares with others if find it helpful so that they also get some knowledge from it.

First you have to create a bloggers account and google is providing you one Facility or platform where you can write your own blogs in your own native languages or any other languages you want.And you can translate your own written languages into english and can download free copy write photos and videos from and paste your own written post in the bloggers pages and publish it which very easy we will come to know how? so lets get started now.

    • Open your google chrome browser and type search for or click here to directly to visit the site.
    • One new page will open like this as you can see on the image below.
    • you need email id if don\\\’t have make one email id.
    • click on create your blog or just login if you have already created your blog.
    • Now enter your email address or select one email id if the options available in your phone or computer.
    • Enter your password and click on next.

Note: verify your email id with your phone number before creating blog account.

    • After clicking next one new page will open here you need to choose best display and eye catching name and enter the blog name and click on continue to blogger,As you can see image on screen.
    • One new page will open
    • click on create a new blog
    • one more new page will open
    • enter your suitable title
    • enter your blog url or address or link(check the availability while entering)
    • select themes then
    • Click on create blog.
    • One page will open connect your custom domain if you have or click on no thanks for free domain.
    • Now your blog is ready and make changes to your setting so that google can index your blogs for better rank.
    • To know about advance setting click here directly.
        • OR
    • Now click on setting
    • enter your best and catchy title.
    • enter your description of atleast 500 words(if don\\\’t know to write in english then write it in your language and translate them to english click here to translate)
    • click on save change
    • now start writing post as you can see image.
    • click on posts on top left side as on above image.
    • one new page will open give new title and write contents in your language.
    • After writing contents if you wants to add free copywrite photo or image click here download and edit if needed and upload it to your blog post.
    • To upload images or videos click on image icon or video icon on top close to heading as you can see above image click on it and upload it.
    • click on publish to show your post publicaly.

the main point is how to earn money

    • Now you can earn money by google adsense to apply on google adsense
    • click on Earning as you can see on your bog dashboard left side.
    • Note:- you need atleast 25 unique and interesting post to be written in your blog. if have 25 post then only you are eligible for google adsense.
    • click on how to qualify for adsense
    • one new page will open scroll down and click on sign up for adsense
    • One more new page will open
    • enter your website url,email id,select any one newsletter and click on save and continue
    • Make sure that you have atleast 25 unique and interesting post write anything with your own not others.
    • that’s all guys hope this article would have helped how to create a blog for free and make money?.don’t forget to share.

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