how to add a business to instagram from beginning?

how to add a business to instagram from beginning?

welcome back to this tutorials how to add a business to instagram from beginning? today we find very difficult to promote their business and get targeted customers,and other ways of advertisement is very costly.

So after advertisemnt on newspaper,magazine we may not get our targeted customer but instagram is platform where billions of peoples around the world spent most of the time in social media and instagram is also part of social media for normal peoples but for those have business want to promote business it is the marketing platform for them.

most of the peoples with different ideas and views are available in instagram and share their photos and videos and stories.And if anyone who are planning to do business then instagram is providing best opportunities for those who want to promote their business and reach to the targetd customers on time without much efforts.

So lets get started now how to add a business to instagram from beginning?

Step1: you need to create instagram account first using id and password.

Step2:Login to your instagram account using id and password,once you are logged in your new homepage will open.

Step3:Click on profile or profile icon and complete your profile details.

step4:On your profile click on setting on left top corner of your profile page.

step5:Scroll down and click on ad,one new page will open.

Step6:You can see there are six types of ads unit available to create you can select anyone of them but you can you can not create your ads on instagram page because instagram is also owned by facebook only so know how to create ads create click here.

step7: You can select ad placement as instagram by clicking on edit and instagram feed and instagram stories.

step8:Scroll down and select identity and under identity and click on add instagram account which you have created at the beginning.

step9: Once you are done with the setup your ads will start running.

That’s all hope this article would have helped how to add a business to instagram from beginning?.

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