how do free apps make money?

Hello friend welcome back to my website how do free apps make money?Today I will be talking about very good app how do free apps make money? which is genuine and an indian app where you can make money online and anybody can earn money online in this app for their pocket money weather the person is educated or not it doesn’t matter work at home ideas.

Here you do not required to invest any money joining is free of cost without spending single money and don’t let it go just try it.It is mobile apps that make money Anyone can do this work on their mobile phone or smartphone and it is very easy to do.

The name of this app is rozdhan where we will tell how do free apps make money? where one can transfer their earning through paytm account no need to connect any bank account and facility like this one may not get in any other app and help desk is available if you have any query or problems that will be short out within at home ideas.

Now we will know that how free apps make money? from this app,you will earn by downloading this app and by referral program(when you enter referral code) and I will put my referral link and code you have to just enter my referral code during sign up or app or joining Rs.50 will be credited immediately to your account.

And other way of  earning is  just by reading small small articles of few minutes or seconds,You can generate income by playing games, in this app  you will get some notification and when you read these notification you will earn some income from this.

And if you invite your friends or any others to join this app to make some money through your referral program code and start working on it you will get some percentage of that if you continue working in this app one day might get huge We will come to how to make money online from this app without investing so let\’s get started,how free apps make money.

Open your google play store or click here directly.
Download this app from google play store and install it(as you can see it has ten million download)
Open this app after installing
Select your language you are comfortable
You will see image like this as shown below 
Click on earn icon
Here Rs.25 for registration
Rs.25 for adding invite code or referral code(0DVLGN)

To enter invite code click on new user event and scroll down
Click on add invite code and enter this code:0DVLGN
Rs.8 for first time invite
Rs.5 for check in
Click on get now
Here you will get three options(phone number,google,facebook)best is phone number

Enter your phone number and click ok
Enter otp sent to your phone number Rs.25 will be credited
Edit your profile to get Rs.25
Refer your friends to earn
Read some article to earn
Write and earn Rs.150

To invite your friends or other click on your profile icon and then
Click on invite friends
Copy your invitation code and share it with your friends with referral link
Play games to earn
New user watch videos
Beginner tutorials
New user event

First time invite +2000 coins
Learn english pronunciations and earn coins
Install josh now and earn coin
Play free fun game and win up to Rs 50000
Earn by reading notifications
All these are options are available to earn in this app

how to withdraw your earning

You can withdraw your earning through paytm account and if don’t have paytm then create one.If you don’t know how to make paytm account thenClick Here to make one with simple and easy steps.

help desk:

If you find any difficulty find or face any problems you can contact them through whatsapp you will get response within on feedback and enter your query.

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