How designer artist sell their art and designs

How designer artist sell their art and designs

How designer artist sell art and designs,There is an international site in which even the smallest designs are sold in US dollars and sell at a very high price and we have found a mobile phone in which anyone with no skills in their hands is also only can do in five minutes. You can design a professional level of logo in 10 minutes and all this happens, without investing a single penny, there is no need for a laptop from your new old mobile phone and you can do this in your free time, 

I am not there for you at all. There is a website based in Australia, which is part-time, its name is You can earn very little in US dollars by putting a very modest design on it and you can earn a lot more than that, there is no one whose name is there at all. With the Logo Maker 

Mobile Logo Maker app, you can design a hundred percent free professional from your new or old mobile phone and you can create a design in five to 10 minutes and work is to make a design with the Logo Maker Mobile app. And sell very well on You have to earn on the price and in US dollars, it must be coming in the mind of many of you that we do not know or we do not even know the design card, I know this very well that is why in 5 minutes from the mobile app Can do 

that any person who does not have any hunar in his hand, who has no special qualification, can do it from his mobile phone and can earn money and in today’s date technology artificial intelligence has made so much progress that someone Even a person who does not have any skill in his hand, who does not have any special qualification, can only design professional world class from his mobile phone and earn money and all this happens.So lets get started now How designer artist sell their art and designs.

Step1. To go to website click here.

Step2. Click on SELL YOUR ART ON top right header.

Step3. Scroll down and click on GET STARTED,ITS FREE on red box.

Step4. One new page will open enter your email,username,password tick small box and click on SIGNUP.

Step5. Now you can see dashboard of your site account and varities of designs.

Step6. Now click on your PROFILE ICON on top right corner and click on account setting.

Step7. Click on to upload your profile photo.

Step8. Click on EDIT next to your profile and upload cover image.

Step9. complete your profile details.

Step10. Write a short bio data about your self and work what you can do.

Step11. Copy the same short Bio for public profile.

Step12. keep copy right URL (it is nothing but your site URL) to share on anywhere.

Step13. Click on SAVE CHANGE.

Step 14. Click here to download designing app on your mobile phone.

Step15. Design any picture,cartoon,scenery or anything what you love designing and downlod it.

Step16. Click on PROFILE ICON and scroll down and click on add your first work.

Step17. Click on upload your work and upload the design you have made on the designing app(logo maker app).

Step18. Enter the title ,tags and descriptions of the products.

Step19. Scroll down and select design and illustration and digital art under media.

Step20. Select terms and conditions and click on save work.

Now your designs are set on each and every products.

How to withdraw your earning?

Click on profile icon and click on account setting.

Scroll down and you can see edit payment details on left hand side.

Verify your email id.

Enter your correct address details.

and select your paying currency details(select dollar from the option) which best suitable for you.

Select paypal account and verify paypal account.if you don’t have paypal account then click here how to crate paypal account.And after verifying paypal account you will be able to transfer your earning to your own bank account.That’s all frinds hope this article would have helped How designer artist sell their art and designs.

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