Top tips how create blog free wordpress blog?

How create blog free?

how to create a free wordpress blog?In this topic I am going to show you how create blog free wordpress blog?and best way to how make money online from home we need an amazing website after reading this topic you will be able to to make it better by using drag and drop don’t miss this topic ok and read it till end to learn how to build website and best way to how make money online from home.

So let’s start reading before we start we need to first click the link below so I am go to click this link and it will take it to this page so we are going to do this in 5 steps.
1) the first steps is To pic name of your website. To select your name just scroll down and click on the link provided at end of this topic and come back and go to next steps.

Go to search page and check your domain name whether it is available or not available then select only available domains which you want and if it is not available it means it is already taken by someone .how make money online from home with websites.

2) After selecting a name of your website you need some hosting where your website will be hosted now hosting and domains are the two things which we need for Launching our website hosting is the place where your website files will be stored and domain is the name of your website so to get hosting and domain let’s go To this website.

3) After going to this website we need to create an account click create account or sign up button and fill the required details after filling required details click on submit button. after submitting the details you will get an email to verify your account once your account is verified your done.

Now come back to the website where you are created your account and click on the login button and you will be taken to your dashboard where you can manage all the services and domains of your website and you can make any changes which want.

4) after successful registration you will be provided your c-panel details through emails.

Login to your email and check whether you have received c panel details in your email you will be seeing a link click on that and you will be directed to the c-panel login after login panel select WordPress software install your website what the software is a software which will provide lot of things like a variety of plugins 1000 themes and so many features.

now install wordpress software provide your admin username and password in select themes and click the submit button once was submitted you are done to login your website to edit your website you need your website address/ admin-wap click inter or make money online from home from websites

Now inter your username and password to log into your website to edit it After entering your dashboard you will be getting like this.

5)Now you can see this is a dashboard where you can manage all the features of the website before you start adding post first we need to select themes. themes will get the varieties and the thousands of themes here you can select whichever you want install and activate, once you are activated your theme go back to your dashboard go to appearance Where you can customize your header change your file for image.

Now to add first post we need to go to the post click on it and go to add post in post you can add your titles reading paragraph images and whatever you want.

6)plugin: plugins are basically the tools of your website we will get variety of plugins need to install and activate them to make your website look good and awesome.

now after adding 30 or40 posts you can apply for Google AdSense.Google AdSense great source for some income and Google will pay you some amount when some of a visitor comes to your website and click on it and that amount can be transfer to your bank account.

that’s all hope this article would have helped how create blog free wordpress blog? don’t forget to share it with others

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