Get millions and unlimited traffic to website


Get millions and unlimited traffic to website

Get millions and unlimited traffic to website to publish this article which I am sure will help many of you get traffic to your blogs, your websites in a very short time. You will only need to work for 10 or 15 minutes a day for 10 days and you will see results.
I know most of you will not go on with the article, I will not even read these few minutes, some of you will not even try this. Only 15 minutes and they won’t try.

After one month they will text me or start asking me here and there how I get traffic to my website. Friend, I’m telling you how to get traffic. Please read this for a few minutes and use it, only 15 minutes a day. Instead of scrolling through facebook and wasting your time just use this very simple and free method. Just try it and see if it works.

It has worked with me, working with millions of people around the world. What is this method? How does this work? let’s see together. But please before we start don’t forget if you would like to read more articles like this about online business, make money online, digital marketing, and much more please go now to this website only.

So let’s get started.So Traffic Route? As I call it, there is no such thing as a unlimited Method. Now what is this approach? we will simply copy and paste your content into various websites across the Internet. On websites that receive millions of visitors every month. It’s so easy! just copy and paste your content posted by your blog to other websites.

I will now show you the websites one by one, step by step, and explain how this method will really help you get more traffic.
Thousands of new users, people logging into your website. So let’s start with one website number. Linkedin .Linkedin, of course, I did not come to tell you to go past your links within the feed. No! At linkdin if you have an account, that’s fine! if you do not have it then, go and register there.


Linkedin, today, is one of the leading social media or social networks that will help you grow and gain traffic. Just go inside your account and click ‘write an article’ not a post and simply copy and paste the article into your link link. As an example I have this article here, I will open it and simply copy the title ‘ctrl c’. Go here, paste the title and just go back and start copying your article and pasting it on linkin. It will take but one minute to publish your article on linkin. Maybe you tell me now, what will I get out of this? Please follow! I will show you how this will help you to post similar articles on linkedin as good articles.


Quora is simply a QnA website, where you can ask and answer questions. But today I’m not here to inform you to travel and answer questions and link back. No! In the quora you will go to your profile here, click on your profile, and create a space in the quora. You see, I have this space “I’m making money online here! Now you’re going to create an account in quora. Register and here click” create space “. Name it whatever you want.

I’ll write a description and in the space, here’s my space, you can add an image or anything It’s like a small website, a small group, your little space inside the quora. You can post your articles and re-open this easily and start copying and pasting your articles into the quora. And! please! be patient I’ll tell you a little bit how this will really help you. So just copy and paste as you see here the attached articles, here, too
And if you would like to join us you can go to quora you will find a link in the description below to join this post, it is completely free and get all the updates and more. So paste the same articles into your Quora space.


Medium also allows you to post your articles. You can write articles here and I have said this before in the corresponding marketing. So if you don’t have a website, you don’t have the money to start affiliate marketing, you can use as your website to post your articles and promote relevant links. Now, my point here is simply to create a ‘subscribe’ account and click ‘write a story’ and then copy your article, the title goes here, paste the title, and paste your article here. And just copy the content and paste. Inside paste the full article and publish it in the middle.

So these are the first three articles linked to websites, Quora posts, and to publish your news or articles. Okay, now the big question you can ask, anyone can ask, okay I published and copied and pasted my articles on this website, how will I find the road? Where is the relationship? This is very important. Why? Just because, for example, if you go to the same web site, you get 223 million monthly visits.

If you go to Quora, you get about 500 million visits. If you go to linkdin, it goes so let’s see 1billion visits per month. Okay, so the first advantage is that If someone wants a link to a topic, they can find your article. If someone searches for a quora by topic, they can find your article. When someone searches for content, they may find your article. So this is the first benefit.

The second number is that those websites- quora, linkedin, and middle have the highest ranking on google, the highest authority. So your article can also be placed on google through these websites, instead of your website, which is new and has no place on google. And this is very important for you to get free traffic from search engines to your articles. Now we still have a problem.

You can tell me okay I got traffic in, quora, and linkedin. But how do i buy traffic to my website? You just have to build internal links. If you go here to my article again as you scroll, you will see that I have a link here. You will see that I have links here linking with my article, on my services, on my websites. So anyone reading the article in quora, linkedin, in the middle, can just link back or just go back to your website.

And that’s how you can get free traffic on these websites. So this is a great advantage here, get free traffic to your articles and link back to your website. And this and I think it’s more important than traffic and, whenever you write on those websites and start getting followers people who read about your content, about your services, about your business, you just make you know about the product.

Just let people know about you, let them know about your business. So they will go visit if you like your content. And here is one important point to publish for real value. Not a long price! Real value! It may be a small category but it will be a real value for your fans. So here are the three main linked websites, quora and Go now, it will take you less than five minutes to publish similar articles from your blog to these websites.

We will now move on to three third-party websites that are somewhat easier. Where we publish only links to articles.
FORTH WEBSITE: You can see Simply put, I apologize for simply mingling, click on this merge icon and paste your blog article. For example, this. Paste it here and click, wait a minute, and this is the article. You see it will download everything. Click on the mix and you can now add to the collection and publish your article at Mix also receives about 1.4 million visits a month, which is also excellent. It’s from the US, so it’s a good source of traffic. Publish with all your links, all your texts regularly at

FIVE WEBSITE: I know everyone here knows pinterest, but pinterest is very powerful in terms of traffic. Why? Just because on pinterest people use the search feature a lot, not like facebook and other social media platforms. Here people use search to find items they like. So just click on ‘create’ after you sign up, if you do not have an account then click to create a pin and simply enter the url of your blog here with the title so for example here is the title of my article. Paste here. You can write a short description if you want.

And you need to create an image now. A great way to create a pinterest image is to use Canva is the best app. I use it to create all my designs, my ads, everything. Just click on canva ‘create design’ and select. Just search for pinterest and simply select pinterest pin and it will give you the best size of pinterest pins and it will give you many templates templates. Just make your own if you want and I will give you now a simple tip as an example here on my blog. I created this featured photo, you can see it, here it is here in my camera profile.

I’ll open it now if you can just create a make-up inside the canva go here to the size section and select the pinterest pin and click copy and resize and now the canva will expand this to just drag and drop like this and anything else add more and just download this just download and publish it to your pinterest account. So go now and start publishing one or two pins daily on pinterest using this strategy. It will take but 30 seconds to try to to this on pinterest. So this is often the second website or the fifth website today.


and I think it’s one of the best things that somehow requires extra work like four or five minutes. is Allows you to make and publish small slides or small ebooks. So what you are going to do here on this website is install a small version of your article. As an example I even have this text here so i’m going to canva and if you go here to my instagram folder, just to point out you this instagram post as an example, this is a related marketing topic on my blog.

I have created this small version that you can see as a page 2 3 4 5 simple pages you can click here to download and select pdf you can see the standard pdf you can download this pdf, you can create a small version of the article you can explain what the article is about and just go to slideshares and upload it.

Slideshare gets about 182 million views and therefore has one of the best websites to publish and get traffic to. You can publish pdfs and link back to your website. So here are my six websites please just try to go to the comments section below your daily visitors today and after 10 days of using this strategy you also tell people how many visitors you got in this strategy from these websites so it can motivate and help improve and find a lot of traffic. Please try it completely free for 10 or 15 minutes, just try it, and you will see the results.

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