Learn Free digital garage fundamentals of digital marketing certification

digital garage fundamentals of digital marketing certification

Free digital garage fundamentals of digital marketing certification

In 40 hours of Digital Marketing teach and that too in 100% Free digital garage fundamentals of digital marketing certification and that too on your new old mobile phone and that too in your free time i.e. free time when you have free time, even if you are a tenth pass student job. Housewife is a business person. You can learn digital marketing in Hundred Percent Free and earn digital dollars from all over the world by holding digital marketing work and become a successful one who makes a lot of money sitting at home.

There is not even a single penny invested in your pocket in US Dollars. In this article, I will tell you how all this happens. Complete information is given in the articles. I will also give you this information in this article. Do 40 hours of digital marketing. How to earn money after taking the course. 

There is nothing dim. Internet means Google, without Google there is no point of having a mobile laptop or online. Now the Google company has decided that it will show you digital marketing that too. For free and on your new or old mobile phone only on Google.

This is just 40 hours of Hundred Percent Digital Marketing and after that a certificate is also given to you by the Google company Friends, your name is written in the certificates and it is written that you are a Google Certified Digital Marketing Professional If you have zero knowledge of digital marketing, that is, there is no information at all, even then the expert team of Google teaches you digital marketing in laughter and that too on your new old mobile phone, if you want, you can complete it in just 10 days.

You can never fail while doing a marketing course, even if you lose courage, Google’s expert team keeps on encouraging you, it never loses courage, they have vowed that they can do it only by completing this digital garage fundamentals of digital marketing certification course. Take and its 11 chapters will be explained to you not once or a hundred times by them, till you do not understand every chapter of this digital marketing online course, then the expert team of Google will understand you again and again, Friends, see this Google Comp will be the first way.

On a site called Google Digital Garage, run by google you have to register for Hundred Percent Free and they have to complete a 40 hour digital marketing course in Hundred Percent Free and take it from Google, how do I do this I will show you very closely in the article, after that you have to register in the biggest freelancing sites in the world and take hold of digital marketing, complete it and earn very well, what are the tricks of how to catch the work I will show you in this article.

Now let me show you how you can do a course in digital marketing operated by Google company from your new old mobile phone and can also get a certificate, Google has taken it to help you in the hundred percent premier, in which it Show you online very well from your mobile phone, you will see many courses here, you were close, we have come to see digital garage fundamentals of digital marketing certification from here today and you also get a certificate from Google, a very respected company, if you If Google shows any certificate given by the company anywhere, then its reputations are very much.

Now Fundamentals of Digital Marketing means that if you spend 5 hours in 1 day, then in 40 days you will complete an hour. You do not have any problem when you have time, you can keep it and it is easily from your mobile, you do not have to do anything special as I said earlier here are the videos which are done one by one.

About the digital garage fundamentals of digital marketing certification courses

Master the basis of digital marketing course of digital marketing which is the basic mastery through this course which is free 11 models two-two three-three four- There are four five-five tutorial videos, that is fine, it teaches you basics of digital marketing on your mobile phone in a very scientific way, and the trend staff of Created by Google Trainer Google has created a full It is not practical that it is no chance that you have taken a digital marketing course on a mobile phone.

It is okay to have a practical exercise, and the real world exams are given to you by the world exams so that you can use whatever you learn from here. If you can be in real life, then you can be in realty, Google is another name of the Internet and digital marketing is happening on the Internet, nothing can be better than how to do digital marketing. Friends, we are friends right now 1155 was fine a while ago and about 40 Ok of the hour will talk to you, instead of digital marketing, you have only heard about it, you can do it anytime and it is free.

Courses details of digital garage fundamentals of digital marketing certification

  1. It has almost 26 modules
  2. You need atleast 40 hours to complete this course.
  3. It is the best course for beginners those who want to learn.
  4. This course is free of cost provided by thr google.
Features of the digital garage fundamentals of digital marketing certification courses

You can learn as fast as possible it depends on your learning speed.

You have complete video tutorials.

It has unlimited access can be accessed by any number of times.

You will get digital marketing certificate by google.

If Google gives a certification for something, then every company that it recognizes is more general than Google, nothing can be more and don’t want a little bit of what is written by get certified, that is why you should do a digital garage fundamentals of digital marketing certification course and Certification should be taken Now the issue has come that we are going to do this course of digital marketing because we have to earn great money sitting at home and by launching I will show you now that the 2 biggest birds in the world can do marketing work.

You can watch it in your free time sitting in your house and earn in the US, as you told me a while back, I have to do all the training and do that work and people will come to motivate you how much more people will do Look below the earnings you are already making, even if you are doing or wandering or want to do, then the Hans Digital Marketing course you will be doing from here and along with the certificate you will get a lot of work in your job too.

Ok you can write in your resume that you have Google A digital marketing course certificate is fine and it helps in doing your work as well. This is the world and if you have knowledge of digital marketing, then it also implements your knowledge and helps you and you do your best Take a small exam, complete it and after that you get a certificate.

Skills you will be learning: 

Analytics and data insights

Business stratagy

Contents marketing

Display advertising


Email marketing and much more.

So lets get started now digital garage fundamentals of digital marketing certification

step1. click here to go to digital marketing courses.

Step2. Click on start course.

Step3. Click on signup or register through your gmail id.

Step4. Click on fundamentals of digital marketing after login to your account and again click on start course.

Step5. Fill your personal details.

Step6. Click on terms and conditions and click on complete.

Step7. Click on start course again and click on start and one new page will open.

Step8. Click on start learning,one new tab will open where you start learning by watching videos.

Step9. After watching every videos click on check your knowledge and answer the given question and click on submit.

Step10. Click on Next lesson for next videos and answer the given question after each video you finished watching and so on.

Step11. If you submit wrong answer it gives you options to try again or watch again.

Step12. No need to watch all videos at once and answer all question you can take your own time to learn and answer the questions when ever you wish according to your own choices.

Now how to earn after completing digital garage fundamentals of digital marketing certification courses?

You need to join freelancing site called fivrr.com here you have register yourself and make a gig(you best profile and share your knowledge what you know in your gig).

Steps to make your gig

Step1. Once you login to your fivrr account you you will be able to see your profile.

Step2. Clicks on gigs o top header.

Step3. Click on create new gig.

Step4. Give best and catchy title and select your category and sub-categories

Step5. Provide search tags so that it will be easy for the client to find your gig.

Step6. Click on save and continue.

Step7. Scope and pricing:here you need to enter the amount you are going to charge from the clients.If you want can describe three types of pakages like basic,standard and premium,you need to enable the 3pakage button on right side. and if you want can provide extra services for extra money.

Step8. write catchy descriptions about your gig what ever knowledge you have and what all work you can do.

Step9. Click on save and continue one new tab will open.

Step10. Write the requirement what you need from the client or customers when you get the work and click on save and continue.

Step11. one new tab will open here you need to upload work samples picture or videos and click on save and continue.

Step12.Click on publish and then done your Gigs and it will become live.And if you want to make any changes to youe gigs then go profile or gigs and click on edit.

How to transfer your earning?

  1. Click on earnings on top header one new tab will open and you can see withdraw enter paypal account details id don’t have paypal account then click here to make one and learn how to make paypal account.it is an international payment gateway where you can transfer your earning from any part of the world.

Second website is freelancer.com here also same thing just register or signup and search work which you know like digital marketing and apply.

That’s all friends hope this article would have helped how to learn digital garage fundamentals of digital marketing certification courses don’t forget to share.

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