Best work from home jobs with Amazon?

Hello friends welcome back to my website today i will be sharing Best work from home jobs with Amazon? which is very unique and 100% genuine there is no doubt you can do this job by sitting at your home and you can speak to the customers in your own comfortable languages or by sending emails or also by chatting and all these work is available in the world\’s bigest e-commerce Amazon site.

You might be surprise to see that such a multi-national Amazon company providing part-time jobs with Amazon that can be done remotely,it home based job and the name of the jobs is VCS(virtual customer service).

Here in this jobs neither you get any commission nor anything you have to sell,it monthly based and you will get fixed salary in your account,you will be paid every months for your hard works but works has to be done at your home only.Now some peoples might be thinking that part-time jobs with Amazon what kinds of work they might get and for what Amazon such a multi-national company can pay fixed salary by working from home? but don’t worry you don’t have to pay anything here.

The work here you have to do is just speak to the customers in your comfortable languages from your mobile phone when you receive a call from the customers or you have to do chatting work with Amazon customers or you have to do email communications with Amazon customers and resolve their problems, all these works you have to do from your home.You will get an appointment letter and fixed salary for these works. now main question is how to apply to this work don’t skip read till end to understand all the steps.So lets get started now Steps to apply

To join click here
Once you have click to join one page will open which look like this.

Type VCS and location: india or other country click on search there are many jobs available here select any one of them in which your interested. As i have mentioned below image few of them you will see all of them once you visit this page.

Click on the work you wants to join and click on Apply now button on top right side new page will open.

Scroll down and click or select on i agree icon and click on continue.

Click on register here,here you need to create new account you can\\’t use your amazon shopping new page will open.
Fill the required details informations.

After filling form click on register,now you will get sucessful regitsration message on the screen and new page will open.
Click on continue without document,one new page will open.

Fill up the required details which are not filled and click on save and continue,one new page will open.

Answer some general questions need answer all the questions then click on save and continue,one new page will open.
Here you need to tell about yourself and complete all the details and click on save and continue,one new page will open.
Take assessment:here you need to give assessment about you,so click on take assessment button scroll down and click on i agree,one new page will open,here you need to give your test.if the test page doesn\\’t open automatically then click on start,one new page will open.
here you need to use one headphone to hear voice,click on next,After listening voice click on next,one new page will open.

Now you have test of 20minutes.
Select square small button and click on start.
Click on proceed.

Click next and see the exampleof the test
Click on next
one new page will open and your question will be displayed start answering your test,for each question you will get 20 seconds answer fast.

Next is passage reconstructions you need to type same paragraph after reading.
Next is e-mail writting test read the instructions and start your test
you have 9minutes to write an email of 100 words

click on next complete optional questions and click on next and then keep checking your job status.once you are selected they will contact you.

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